Charles Mwewa

Charles Mwewa's 2020 Poetry



The morning comes silently, fresh but expectedly

The past’s regrets pass quickly, rather unexpectedly

Surely, there is a design to life, a plan and reasons

And nature prides itself in the symphony of seasons

It is not a neglected error that future ends not in “day”,

Only now, and what’s gone lets “day” attach that way 

Because what has not yet happened doesn’t harm

And hope is the reservoir that holds faith’s charm

To the stars we clasp candles when the light of life ends

In the sun we witness light’s rebirth towards new trends

And today, there will be plenty of memories to embrace

For yesterday is a dot that we cannot afford to trace;

Oh, come what may, the flowers will bud yet again,

May will come, summer is here to relieve the pain!



Oh, Lord, I am awake today and it will be just fine

My mind is alert like one who has imbibed sweet wine

And I sense what is true; that money is in my purse

There is good healing upon my “cutie”, and no curse

It is day of jubilation, a moment with song and dance 

You have given me once more a brand-new chance

I will embrace and call it, “Fruitful, plenty, blessed,”

I made plans, and nothing I do will go to the waste.

My hands have been fortified with skill and ability

And all my thoughts produce favor without disability

For I am full, my house is guarded and my bank is well

So that today, many in my circle will tell a good tale

The one who owes me, will send in more and above

And there will be excess to give to those whom I love

For the facility providers will all forget to disconnect

Since in a little while, all is duly paid and will connect.


She is adorable, she is precious, she is my daughter

She comes to hug me without preconditions, only pure laughter

She holds my hand and whispers, "Daddy, I love you," 

She is not like any other, among the children of men, there are few,

I love her back, in fact, I have loved her even before birth

There is nothing I value more than her on this crowded-earth

Her life is intertwined with my own, I feel her joy, I hear her pain

When she is not well, a part of me simply stops to gain;

I don't need to place flowers in my chamber, she is my flower

Her scent fills my heart to the blink, hour after hour;

When she does wrong, even in my rebuke, I dance in affection,

My mind always yearns for her glory and passion;

I can't believe that I have more than three of them to behold,

I thank God that I hold in my care what is more precious than gold.


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