my father and god


My Father and God I

My Father and God, I am scared

I feel extremely downcast in my soul

I have not dwelt on it in my mind

The result of the  Society investigations

Yet I know, even if I have not read it

Its presence bites me like venom

Its reception brought my joy down

And I can only look to You, my peace

You have been my defence, in bad times

My joy, in good and awesome times

You will not abandon me, nor forsake me

You will be with me, and lift me up

And again, I will write poetry of joy

And remember all the good You do

And no matter what, grace my innocence.

I trust in Your mercy; I believe in You!

My Father and God II

Oh, my Father, my dearest One, my God

The morning stands clear as purest gold

I see the garden, in well and clean sanitary

I think of only thing: to be in Your sanctuary

Indeed, I was like one burdened with stones

Strong, unbroken rocks broke all my bones

I agonized in my privacy, I cried silent tears

And, the reality was, I lived in terrible fears

Reason was the weapon against my joy

And in daily motions, I moved like a boy

But You’ve defended me with Your grace

And resettle my joy into Your safest place

The Society found me not guilty and skilled

Though it was You who all accusations killed

Therefore, all the glory is but Yours alone

And victory I return to You to have and own.

My Father and God III

Many people are talking about me in their privacy

They say, “Charles Mwewa no longer ministers,”

And that for Your Word, I do no more advocacy

But You Lord know about all of Satan’s sinisters

You are also acquainted with my inner thoughts

You have searched my heart and You are true

You’ve been with me and defended me from torts

Without You, the storms would bury me through

I have known You better, and my faith is strong

If You hadn’t brought me to this wilderness of tests

I wouldn’t have known You; I’d have been all wrong

But now I see who You are, I’m for Your interests

You, dear Lord, will not allow my foes to succeed,

More than I imagined, my abundance shall exceed.

My Father and God IV

When You say that ask only for your daily bread

And I admit I have heard, listened and also heard;

It means just what You mean, O dearest my God.

For day after day to Your promises I tightly hold

And not only Your mercy but Your providence I see

For You have never let a month go without Your glee

You have sustained the little children with food

And when they ask for more, You provide all good

I will proclaim Your steadfast love in the morning

And declare Your goodness when it is downing

For who but You is perpetually good to me and mine

And You are always present to make everything fine

The LORD, who keeps His everlasting promises

And confirms truth without a slight pint of blemishes

To You alone be all the praise, and all the power

Now and forever without end, hour upon hour, 


My Father and God V

Indeed, the Lord is good always, all the time, forever

When things seem awful and unexplainably unclever

I learned to keep silent; I did not want to understand

I rested in Your wisdom; Your word will always stand

The means of livelihood was cut in half due to accident

The ways of transportation reduced by the same incident

A job-offer, guaranteed and promising, just vanished

Despite many interviews, my wife’s chances tarnished

I would have lost heart and even blamed the Holy One

But I knew that salvation belongs to You, You alone,

I remained in prayer, and I encouraged all in my home

And in spite of setbacks, we held on to You, our balm

For in mysterious ways You show Yourself very strong

You have done what is a miracle, glory to You belong

For a technology manager she will gladly become soon

The gloom will turn to joy, and lack will become boon

This, dear Lord, You have already done, and it is well

For, forever Your praise we shall live to sing and tell,


My Father and God VI

Lord, I have been threatened, to be claimed and reported

The Lee Law has raised its foot in order to get me demoted

But You are the shield around me, the hope that defends me

Their machinations though hatched in shame, You see

And all their plot to bring blame and bleakness You undid

For I know this because Your eternal peace giving You did

They will withdraw their threats and will apologize fully

No claims against Your child will be raised partly or wholly

For You Lord has gone before me and silenced my accusers

That even before they make a report, they are but losers

You shall also turn this threat into opportunities for victory

And make all their desires die, all their calculations history

You will grant all laughter and infuse abundant happiness

Oh, You are God, slow to anger, You abound in goodness 

Your mercies I seek early each morning, and I wait for You

At noon, You grant me abundant, unspeakable peace, too

You have never left me nor forsaken me, not then, nor now

And Your honor I will continue to hallow and also to wow,