Charles Mwewa's Thought-Provokers


It's the most difficult life to live, no matter how you slice it. It was so easy to live a sinful life - you just wanted something and you got it. But a Christian life requires discipline, and a lot of it. It also requires personal sacrifice. It also requires denying yourself pleasures around you. At other times, it is a contradiction in terms - the very things you don't want to do, you do. And the very things you want to do, you don't do. Don't ever tell anybody that being a Christian is easy, it is practically and officially a life filled with struggles. That's why I commend those who have chosen to be serious Christians! 


 If I lead you or you look up to me in one way or the other, don't be afraid to criticize or correct me when you think I am wrong (even if you're not sure). I will listen to you and consider, and will still love and respect you. But what I don't want you to do is to flatter me, even if your very comfort depends on it. Flattery and human-worship are wasteful investments! 


(1) Use money to make more money; keeping onto tight to small money without using it breeds greed; 

(2) Think of money as a means to an end, and not the end. That way, every money that comes into your possession has a higher purpose; 

(3) Make money your slave and not your master. Let not the presence or, or absence of, money change your mood, morale or demeanor; 

(4) The more money you have, the more you should love others with it – use money as “kind-tool”; and 

(5) Make making money normal and a daily activity – multiply your money sources and decide to make more of it each day. That way, money will be available to use, and not a mystery to confuse you. 


(1)  Based on Grace, rather than Law;  

(2) God promised to answer every prayer actually prayed in faith; 

(3) Not based on list or human desires; based on Holy Spirit promptings (when God gives you an impression to pray, do; don't postpone); 

(4) The Holy Spirit now lives inside us; so, even a silent, inner prayer is as effective; (5) It must be intelligible - know what you want/need, how you want/need it, and use language you know to ask God or pray (don't blubber)! 


To be self-secure financially for the future, we need to begin thinking differently. We should strive to fund our own retirements. This will mean doing the following: 

(1) Developing new and viable financial habits, such as having multiple-income sources, and not only relying on our employers or Government; 

(2) We have to begin making money – and not only waiting for someone to give us handouts or to rely on what we already have or waiting for some relative to die so we can inherit; 

(3) We need to begin to save money, a small part at a time and the future will look good, financially; 

(4) We should and must grow the money. This is akin to fertilization, giving our money and investments a good environment and atmosphere to grow – finding newer ways to plant (invest) and letting the money grow;  

(5) We should also protect the money. There are many forces that make us squander our money unnecessarily. These may include wasteful spending, living beyond our means, spending more than we make, inflation and greed, among them. Someone once said, “Financial independence is not a dream. It is a priority.”

(6) We should spend money on necessities rather than on luxuries. Necessary things like food, housing, insurance, education, health or utilities should have priorities before our own selfish aggrandizement. When money is spent on necessities, it grows, because we then able to be strong, health and have have peace of mind to carry on other money -making and investment-generating aspects of living.


Married men must be vulnerable before their wives, accepting that before the world, a wife should have the right to judge, scrutinize, raise up an argument, probe, investigate or even criticize her husband. But the wife should always bear in mind the purpose of such scrutiny: To improve the man and make him a better person, not to destroy or maim him. In response, a man should be humble and grateful for such scrutiny! 


The answer can be found in three ways: 

(1) Culturally - the two will be in pain trying to reconcile to worldviews which are always mutually exclusive; 

(2) Personally - where each individual prefers a certain way of doing things (raising up children, sharing, money, love, sex), without a central guidance, it might be not just painful but very trying; 

(3) Spiritually - which of their Gods will have preeminence and what belief system will be considered authentic? Bible injunction is germane here, "Don't become partners with those who do not believe," (2 Cor. 6:14).

For the reasons proposed above, it is better and wise and orderly not to marry a non-Christian, if you are a Christian believer. If you are already married to a non-Christian, do not divorce them, they will benefit from your faith. Marriage is not about beauty, its about duty and principles. What if the two love each other madly? Well, they should also madly discuss their belief systems - because when love is faded (and it will be), they will now face the reality!


"If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land."

Don't teach people to follow this pattern of praying, it is based on Law. God dealt with "His people" (Israelites) based on Law. Law was conditional - "if". We are no longer under Law, but under Grace (non-conditional). We are God's children (Christians) rather than God's people (Jews). God has already forgiven our sins (Cross) and just wants us to accept His forgiveness through confession of faith, and He has already healed our lands (we just need to occupy and utilize by faith).


There is a misunderstanding between your personal faith and your general duty towards all mankind. We are first born humans before we choose our religion or are forced to adhere to one. Humanness is larger than our creed, our race, our tribe or our persuasions. We can disagree on our religious beliefs, but we cannot disagree that, no matter the colour of our skins or our tribe or our ancestral background, we are all humans. If you find yourself hating other people who don't worship your God or believe like you do, you're wrong. Similarly, no race is superior to another; again, we are all simply humans - though others may look Black, others White, others Brown, or others Yellow, etc. I don't care what your religion is, if you struggle to love those who are "unlike" you, you don't know and love God, either! 


One of the following will always happen to us: disability, or health problems or death. In each case we will be required to have money to help us. It is important, therefore, to have a sound financial background, especially that investments!

Money is a defence. It is because of this that we should have enough of it at every moment in order to offset emergencies and other necessities of life. Without money we are vulnerable to anything that comes upon us unexpectedly. 

We should not be in a hurry to make money. After-all, most people are fully preoccupied worrying about it. We wake up early and go to bed late, mostly, because we are pursuing money in one form or the other.  If money preoccupies us on a daily basis, then we should make making money a big part of our day!


 (1) Men are meant to be praised; women are meant to be pleased; 

(2) Affirmation - women are meant to be affirmed (such as when they do their hair, nails, make-up, dressed-up, etc.). Don't just look at them, say something nice about it; 

(3) Avoid "I love you" Poverty - women, more than men, needs to hear "I love yous" more often. It reassures them; 

(4) Flowers Talk for Hours - a woman and flowers have the same DNA. Give some to her, periodically;

(5) Flattery is an Asset - even if you don't think so, women love to hear good things about them. Find something good about her to talk about, if possible; 

(6) Gifts are Thrifts - women love to receive something (valuable or not) from the man they love. It connects them to their love object; 

(7) "No-one but You" - to women is not just poetry, its currency. It cures insecurities; 

(8) Make Love to Her; Don't Just Have Sex - time, place, mood, colors, environment, etc. matter to her. A woman needs to be "loved" in the act, not just to be used; 

(9) Show Effort - a woman may leave a man who loves her but does nothing; but a man who tries to do something (even if they fail) is a trophy to her; 

(10) She Loves When He Says, "No!" - actually women love a man who is a man, not a man who always says "Yes" to her. There is a difference between being arrogant and being decisive. Women love the later; and 

(11) God Factor - although most women may not say it publicly, most women love a man who has a strong Guide or Principle or God in their lives. It gives them a sense of protection and continuity. 


My thinking and writings are deep thought-provokers. I know. For long, I struggled to make strong arguments because I feared to be misunderstood, rejected or hated. Then I woke up. Each time someone confronted status quo, they either lost money, reputation or their life. Then they regained it. In Christianity today, for example, there are things we simply blindly believe and fear to confront because of fear of being outcasted. I now read extensively, observe thoroughly and write with deep knowledge and information base. It is not easy now for me to simply accept what I am told. I first have to verify it by Scripture, history or commonsense. If its simply a belief without basis, I don't accept it any longer. That's why you find my works a bit tougher. Hope my brothers and sister will begin to behave like the Bereans (Acts 17:11), again, especially in this present world of crooks and money-mongers disguising as saints and angels. I love to be challenged, that's how we improve and increase knowledge. 


FIRST, have money. There is no way you can make more money without money. Money must be pursued and must be made. Money does not just show up, it must be worked for, sometimes spending hours thinking, working and pursuing it. Doing nothing and expecting to be wealthy, is a fallacy.

SECOND, money requires time to grow. Most people want to be millionaires overnight, sometimes you could win a jackpot. But that is a very tiny percentage. Money requires time to cultivate habits and respond to changing moods. It also requires learning more about it and doing everything we can be find ways to earn it legally.

THIRD, Rate of Return (ROR) affects our money. It must be factored in as we strive to grow money and make it work for us.

FOURTH, Inflation affects our money. We must strive to always make money because of inflation. Inflation means that what we made last year will not be enough to keep up with living standards this year. The value of the money we have now will be less than it tomorrow because inflation impacts on it. So, we need to continue making and growing money in order to beat inflation.


FIVE, Tax. Tax also chips in onto our money makes it less and less. The more we make the more Government grabs. So, the only solution is to make more money and invest money. Warren buffet has advised: “Don’t save what is left after spending; spend what is left after saving.”



There are many forms of abusive relationships, among them: Personal friendships, marriage, employment, social, educational, spiritual and so on. There is no known incentive in remaining in an abusive relationship, not even for the interest of children or money. Abuses may come in form of verbal, sexual, mental or physical. Abusiveness is discredited from the perspective that all humans (male and female) have inherent dignity and human rights from birth. These are not bequeathed through inheritance, position or hardwork. They are God-given and are to be recognized and honoured just because one is a human being.

An abuser like the devil, don’t entertain him or her, flee from them. Abusiveness is like a poison, the longer its stays in your system, the more damage it does. If you keep staying in an abusive relationship longer, you will be mental, physical, emotional or even spiritual damaged goods sooner or later. The money, “honour”, “protection”, chivalry, sense of security, position, salary, exposure, children and etc. you think you gain from the abusive relationship is fickle.

Some of you have been abused by your boss, your government, spiritual leader, spouse, boy or girl friend, and etc. and it is time to break that abusive relationship and be free. You’re under attack, and better quit!


What has made Africa poor and comparatively backward is not lack of initiative or handwork, its an attitude problem. And no matter how much I have tried to dispel the myth, one particular attitude is just devastating for Africa: A tendency not to see another African succeed. This doesn't matter whether it is inside the church, in politics or in social life, and sometimes even within families. This is one of the reasons why Europe and America have taken advantage of Africa. Because everyone knows that an idea may hatch in Africa but it will be killed before it matures, by the Africans themselves. The West support new ideas and are not intimidated by them. Africa should stop this attitude; support your local team - invest in fellow Africans and believe in their minds, and finally rejoice when an African succeeds, becomes rich or is winning! 


"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you," (Mat. 7:7). 

According to this Scripture, anyone who wants to marry or get married can have a wife or husband. So, why is many people in Church, especially women still unmarried? It's not God's problem, it's people's problem. Here is what you need to do to get a wife or husband quickly: 

(1) Say it out loud or show interest - don't pretend you're waiting for God's time (that's a fallacy); 

(2) Don't wait for the "right" person; there is no perfect man, no perfect woman and no perfect marriage; love is not national; it's personal. The Church's job is to ceremonize marriage, not to tell you who to or whom not to marry (80% of the pastor's marriage themselves are struggling, so how can they tell you yours will be different!); 

(3) If where you are no-one is interested in you, change the place (move out of the church and visit others where you may find a suitor). If you can't find him or her in churches, try arranged relationships, or in another country or advertise! (4) When you think you've find that person, don't procrastinate, pursue them - Marriage is a Nature Command, its determined by natural instincts, not spiritual preparation. Both men and women can propose each other, or have another person propose for you or pay someone to find you a partner or go on social media and find a partner (in short, there is no formula to finding a marriage partner - just be creative and actively looking and engaged; and 

(5) Don't be too long in courtship/dating - no matter how long you date you will never know your partner better (people are complicated); marriage is risk - that's why its for better or worse! 


[This does not apply to true Servants of God who are doing God's will genuinely and faithfully]

Some preachers are getting excessively greedy, even demanding the whole salaries from their congregants. I don't think that the entire congregation should surrender so much of their sweat and toil to enable one person buy nice cars and live in paneled homes at the expense of the people. This is especially wrong when its the poor people who are giving all they own and have to enrich one person. This is wrong and intelligent people should stop giving their entire salaries and savings to benefit only one person. Anything else is tolerable, but forcing the congregation to give their entire salary, however the justification, is evil: " A man's first financial priority under Grace is to his family not the church (1 Timothy 5:8). Church pastors, be careful not to sin by asking too much from struggling people. And believers, be as smart as serpents but calm as doves (Matthew 10:16)! NT giving is based only on one condition: Freely willingness, not compulsion or coercion!