I am well with the Lord’s gracious providence

I will not be ashamed in this chosen province

Your Word has come to my beaming heart

You have spoken, and You have set me apart

I will forever be called, “Blessed in the land,”

My offspring shall increase within Your band

In Your presence, I will find lasting pleasure

At Your side daily, I will discover real treasure

And those who fight against me, shall surely falter

Those who remain stubborn, You will scatter

For the kindness of the Lord has graced me

His benefits in this world, I will, indeed, live to see

Oh, joy of understanding that I have everything

The peace of knowing I will be defeated by nothing

Even my accuser will bow before You in shame

The one who stands with me will stand in fame

For if it has not been for the goodness of You

I would have no confidence, no rewards due,

I know that Your mercies will carry me through 

Your grace lifts me, and makes me great, too!


4 signs of a meaningless life


1. Life lived entirely on feasting (food)

2. Life lived entirely on drinking (alcoholism)

3. Life lived entirely on merrymaking (parties, sex, carousing, etc.)

4. Life lived entirely on apparels (clothes, jewelry, fashion, make-ups, etc.)

It's simple to change to a meaningful life: Add God first and foremost; manage the four above in moderation; and be thankful for each day you are alive.