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Canada is a welcoming country. It receives thousands of visitors each year. To visit Canada:

1. You must NOT be inadmissible – meaning that you haven’t committed a serious crime, have no serious illness, have not participating in human killings or committed crimes against humanity, and you have not violated your visitor rights before, among others. In short, you must NOT be a danger to Canada.

2. You have a valid passport – making sure that by the time you visit Canada, your passport will not have expired. To be on the safe side, make sure it will be valid at least three months to your departure from Canada.

3. You have an invitation letter or a Statutory Declaration or an acceptance letter at a Canadian designated learning institution – Canada allows family members to reunite, such as parents, brothers and sisters, step-brothers and step-sisters, and grandparents and children and spouses. Other relations may also visit each other with some conditions. An acceptance letter serves as an invitation letter to Canada.

4. You have adequate income – to showing that you will not be a burden on Canadian coffers. That’s, you should show that you can not beg or borrow from one of the Canadian governments during your stay in Canada. This money will enable to survive in Canada. Or you must prove that someone else will take care of your financial needs while in Canada,

5. You will return to your home country (of citizenship or habitual residence) – meaning that you are established in your country. To prove that you will not fail to return you must show one or some of the following: Assets, bank accounts, marriage certificates, business registration certificates, employment letter, valuables, and etc.

6. You must have a travel history to other countries – noting that Canada has no other way of knowing if you have violated or kept your previous terms and conditions. So, if you have not traveled before to other countries and returned to your home country, Canada has no way of knowing. However, there are plenty of times when your Visa is granted even without a travel history.

7. TIP – If you are planning to visit Canada at some point, PREPARATION IS KEY. Begin your preparations ahead of time, gathering documents, information, and all necessary requirements. Make coming to Canada preparations a full-time job!

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Is an easy-to-read and user-friendly guide for applying for temporary residence VISAs for students, visitors, tourists, and temporary workers to Canada. 

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July 1, 2019: "Happy Canada Day to all my friends in Canada. It's 152 years since Canada established its dominion in 1867. One of the greatest achievements in recent history in Canada is the recognition of the first Black woman on the $10 bill. This is a quintessential demonstration of how far in rights equality Canada has come!" (Charles Mwewa)

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