Charles Mwewa

"Zambia: Struggles of My People" by Charles Mwewa

key topics in struggles of my people

Why Zambia - Struggles?

Bibliography to "Zambia: Struggles"

Pre-Independence Zambia 

Struggles for Independence 

Independence Theories 

The Second Republic 

Attempted Coups 

Presidential Politics 

Law Rule in Zambia 

Human Rights in Zambia

Criminal Reform in Zambia

Sexual-Orientation Debate 

Church Politics in Zambia

The Clergy and Politics in Zambia

Zambian Church History 

Christian Nation Politics 

The Third Republic 

Debt Politics 

Humanistic Economy 

Economic Future 

Upper Middle-Income Vision 

Technology Nation 

Economic Struggles 

Economic Globalization 

Welfare State  

Universality of Corruption 

Corruption in Zambia 

Good Governance 

The Chiluba Matrix 

The Politics of Culture  

The Language Debate 

Media in Zambia 

Zambian Authors 

Information and Privacy 

Internet Communication 

Emerging Zambian Leaders 

Diaspora Politics  

Rural Poverty in Zambia

Shanty Towns in Zambia

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In 2011, Charles Mwewa became the first single author to write a book covering all topics from law to economics, to culture, to politics and to the history of Zambia. The book has 1,100 pages with about 500 books and references cited. The book has over 2,500 footnotes. In 2017, Charles Mwewa began the project to re-make the book into volumes to make it easier to read and follow. Volume One is already available with its companion "Test Bank".

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