The Psalms of Charles Mwewa

book i

book iii

book ii



For man, You provided a fruitful garden

In the cool of the day, You spoke from heaven

All the plans for man and woman, You laid

And food for them to enjoy, You had made

How beautiful this great scenery to behold

How glorious Your love, the taste of Your nod.


It is with great gratitude, O Lord, that I bow

On my knees, I prostrate, Great art Thou

Who proclaimed the vast and mighty universe?

And created creatures big and small in diverse?

For humanity is not vain after-thought

To You be all glory, man’s redemption You wrought.


Praise, O Lord, praise awaits at my heart’s tent

I erect for us an altar where I lay in content

You will be on my mind when I sit to play

Your name I will call upon when I stand to pray

O lover of my soul, Your aura is my shield

And to Your gentle whisper, I willingly yield.


From morning till the sun sets soundly down

May Your goodness to all be plainly known 

It rains, indeed, on the farm of the sinner

And though ungrateful, his herds aren’t thinner

Your love shows up like a colorful rainbow

How levelled the sum of Your thoughts to us all!


O Lord, my God, when I think about Your love

And the things all around me that I have 

It is a marvel that You think so much of me

And every day, I am surprised by what I see

I will praise You always for You are very good

I will thank you in everything in every mood!


On my own, O Lord, on my own, I am nothing

But Your presence gives me all and everything

You fill my mind with excellent things to write

And You keep my path clear and ever bright

How perfect are Your designs of which I am

I love You very much, for Your power and charm!


I said, “Surely it is wise to praise God!”

Anyone who worships Thee will be bold

His life shall shine brightly to the very end

For Your presence in old age will for him fend

Those who praise Thee will have no shame

And the adulation of the upright ends in fame!


You are my idol, O Lord, You are my only idol

I come into Your presence with divine playdoh

To create love replicas therein I’m enchanted

And to be near Your throne, incensely scented

For You are the object of my deep adoration

And I am wowed of You in deep admiration!


O cheer up, cheer up, cheer up my rented soul

At the breath of light, You came to the fore

And before long, He shall breathe in your last

You shall then return and again become dust

O, grant me strength, so that I may adore Thee

And length of days, in which Thy good I may see.


I would have perished a very long time ago

If in the hands of the mortals I did fall

I would have been a subject of great shame

If it was told to men of my fear and blame

But You are merciful, O Lord, You’re gracious

May all tongues utter Thy praise which is precious.


O Lord, my God, You’re my ultimate essence

And I thank you for the power of conscience

For it umpires all that I need to evidently know

And causes me to seek You more and more

You keep me from sin – which I earnestly hate

O Lord, Your kindness has made my way great!


If You had been angry with me for long

I would not live because of many a wrong

But Your presence has made me strong

And at Your mercy seat, there I penitently belong

O Lord, You are exhorted as Omnipotent furlong

Though highest, yet for the lowest You suffer long!


The Sovereign Lord has spoken loud

His voice is clear high in the cloud

The laws of nature will never bend

As all attest to their certainty, end to end

Be praised, O God Creator, day on days

For You have set the rules, phase by phase.


On the highway of heroes, I sing songs

Here the memory of God dearly belongs

Oh sing, life lived for God Almighty is good

The whistle of birds parrot in the wood

And God is very kind to all, great and small

Even a tiny ant is safe under God’s elbow!


You change the days’ conditions in symphony

The elements align in an intricate harmony

The seasons follow a pattern to the core

The sun and moon are set for ever more

To God, darkness is as bright as light

Oh worship Him, to do so for it is right.


I sing to You, who holds me whole together

You speak to my faculties and they gather

You said long time ago, “Let there be light,”

And daily I see everything ever bright

I am Your little child, and Your face I see

In Your presence, I would daily rather be.


There is a restless in my bones, chill and hot

There is a desire to adore You, with all I’ve got

You are my favorite topic, my lovely theme

You are my present charm, my future dream

And the thought of You energizes me to live

Oh, the heavenly hope, it drives me all to give.


O how wonderful the Lord’s blessings to me

How pleasant these shades of comfort I see

The waves of salvation encompass me about

The echoes of love massage me all throughout

Oh Lord, You make even Friday the Thirteenth

To bring favor, goodness and divine warmth!


Who has known the ways of our God?

Who from ashes perfects as pure gold

O Jehovah, praise rings up from yonder

My mind enlightens, my heart grows fonder

I will gladly lay down my earthly crown

I tender my notice, my resolve You’ve won!


When Joseph was sold and left to die

And God did not seem to be any nigh

He would not fathom all he went through

O God, but You’ve not changed, have you?

I praise You, for You’re good to us always

And I gladly remove lies from all my ways.


I have paid attention to nature and all things

I’ve observed all pleasures Your love brings

I can’t count all my blessings, they are many

I can’t complain about poverty, there isn’t any

I have enjoyed all things You allow me to do

I praise You, for all I am is because of You.


Before my auditors ever speak a word

And even if I feel my light will surely fade

I will not be afraid, but will give You praise

My voice of thanksgiving I will also raise

For my honor You will uphold tomorrow

And willful worship from my lips, will follow!


With every breath in me, I worship You

Every day my praise to You is ever due

How You have helped me through it all

And graciously, You’ve given me more

O praise Him, all who are alive, acclaim

There’s none like Him, in might and fame!


You make me wake up happy each day

And You crown me with honor each year

When I search the depth of my inner soul

There’s no word to express this special call

I can’t explain why I have this favor

I’m dearly thankful to You, now and forever!


You’re bigger than the mighty universe

You’re revealed in Scripture, verse by verse

You see generations rise and when they fall 

You choose anyone who wishes You to know

No-one resists their end when You call of men

To You be all the glory forever and ever, Amen! 


How lovely, so lovely the sound of Your name

I love to hear triumphing and sweet fame

For You share Your goodness with children

No-one resists their end, women or men

For who You are, Great God, I worship You

As I think seriously about all that You do! 


You are clothed with the wind and with the sun

He who holds the worlds in His palms is Your Son

The mountains flatten when You do step out 

The valleys fill up full when You stoop down about

Who has ever said, “I have figured God out”?

Who is endless and has power he can brag about?


You flash out the waters of the might seas

When You blink, the raging storms cease

If You’d occupy this world, it won’t be enough

If You’d lean on heavenly pillars, they aren’t tough

In Your laboratory, You made the elements

And at Your feet, they beg for their moments!


I will praise You in all and every season

I will utter Your praises even without a reason

Because everything around me are free gifts

O Lord, Your generosity my need it lifts

You stand alone in Your only unique class

No God serve God, whose power dwells in us!


You are adorned in unfathomable majesty

You are El-Shaddai, God the Almighty

Your fingers’ thump shakes the foundations

The nod of Your eyes, changes conditions

To You, power is only a whirl of a cough

The oceans to submerge You, aren’t enough!


If I have to be crazy in every way to love You

Then, Lord, let me not be wise but a fool

If I have to be considered unsophisticated

Then let me love You simply, uncomplicated

My love for You is eternally in heaven secured

Your love for me is forever on earth assured!


O Lord, You are my love, my great joy

Away from You, there is nothing to enjoy

I long to hear Your still and small voice

You are my best, first, and foremost choice

Without You, my world is a big wilderness

I worship You, Jesus, wholly and guiltless!


I reasoned in my heart and asked a question

“Who on earth deserves my adoration”?

“Who among women is to be given homage”?

“Who transcends life and beauty in this age”?

“Who among the children of men is greatest”?

Nay, there is none, serve God in the highest!


Who has ever existed three and also but One?

Who just said the words and everything was done?

Who calls things unseen as though they were?

Who is right here and also is everywhere?

This is Him to whom my worship is due

This is the One I would rather truly bow to!


How lovely Your thoughts of me of ancient old?

In this I am comforted and I am very bold

You made me in Your own image and mold

You have prepared for me streets of pure gold

I am a pilgrim here on earth en route to glory

I praise You, this is my goal and ultimate story!


All the works of Your hands are utterly awesome

And nothing is thrash, no, nothing is gruesome

When I sit in contemplation of Your greatness

I fail to go any further, I am visibly speechless

For who can count the sum of all living atoms?

And who is able to deliver from raging storms?


There is a God in Heaven greatly to be praised

He is the Balm of Gilead, the dead He’s raised

He’s the Rose of Sharon, flavor of ages is He

He’s Lilly of the Valley, loveliest scent there can be

The Sun of Righteousness, bringing divine warmth

O, King of kings, You are life’s ultimate truth!


The world sees the sunshine and calls it a good day

It gazes at the moon and stars and finds its every way

But I look at the heavenly elements and say, “Wow!”

I rave at the splendor and in wonder I say, “How!”

I will go to the Highest bowing down on my lowest

I will glory in Him, enchanted by His beauty, always!


Through trials and temptations, You hide true joy

Though You may discipline me, You will not destroy

O Lord of my salvation, in my weakness You’re close

You lift me up and rehabilitate me from all my lows

How shall I praise You for all You do for thankless me?

You’ve declared my portion in Your eternal decree.


There is a joy brewing deep down my soul

I drown under the waves of Thy waterfall

I stand on tip-toe of my dancing heart

How sweet to my feeling Lord Thou art

The essence of Thy presence is lovely

The sense of Thy gentle kiss keeps me bubbly.


Before the beginning, there was a deep darkness

A state of void and utterly empty nothingness

And yet, Thy Spirit hovered over the deep

Only Thee in the dark can see, promises to keep

There is no confusion in us He can’t manage

For His power makes all good, from age to age.


I love all Thy creatures – Heaven to Earth

I love all Thy will, from salvation to faith

I would like to have been there when Thou created

To behold the great mysteries unfold and executed

When the plants and animals emerged strong

And man in Thy image created Thee him along!


I gathered my young family to house worship

Like a good shepherd gathers his flock of sheep

With the little baby attesting in every exegesis

As I opened the truth of creation in Genesis

How blessed are the children who take holy notes

And who love the Bible and all that it connotes!


When I was younger, I thought foolish thoughts

I looked at life from the eyes of earthly fruits,

I contemplated, “Why so much pain on earth!”

For man’s existence looked miserable from birth

Until I saw the truth of what You have done

O praise my Master who compares to none!


You are most awesome, O Darling of Heaven

How bountiful are the blessings You have given

The seasons each blossom its orbit faithfully

The oceans retain their boundaries lawfully

And the elements are neither too hot nor too cold

For sure in Heaven above, there is a caring God!


There is no-one like You, Self-Existing One

No-one like You, whom my heart He has won

No-one, who speaks sweet soothing words

None, who created everything in only six days

There is no-one who calls nothing into light

And no-one, who sees perfectly in the night!


One day in Your presence is a gem in golden shades

There, my heart rests, anxiety hurriedly fades

O let me be here daily, Your face to admire

Let me Your feet kiss, and Your beauty to desire

O Lover of Loves, You are very, very beautiful

And in Your embrace, grace spreads in plentiful!


I don’t care, I don’t care who is who

I don’t care who is wearing the best shoe

I don’t care who is getting the elevated rumor

I don’t care who has the most charming humor

I don’t care about being thinner or fatter,

All I care is that I praise Him, this will matter!


If it was not for a stop to my spiritual antic

And the divine slowing to my fragile frantic

I would not have known of Your truth revealed

In my zeal I spoke of mysteries never veiled

O Lord, be honored in season and out of season

And in all that I do, O Lord be pleased therein!


The mountains rise atop an azuring sky

The rivers meander tither valley springs lie

The wheels roar at propelled speeds terrific

I sigh, God knows and He is overtly specific

Higher than the Everest His tenderness springs

Wider than the oceans His constant love rings!


Oh attend, attend to my senses O You holy muses

Oh open, open my faculty with thoughts it oozes

There is no theme lovelier than a Triumphing Savior

There is no forgiven heart yet broken and heavier

He is my Conquering General, my Expert Advisor

His Word is eternal, His instructions are wiser!


Surely a man’s blessed whose mind’s on God

His total outlook will be as purely refined gold

His days will be with peace, his night with safety

For God secures his inheritance in its entirety

He will awake to the joy of hearty celebrations

How great Thou art God, receive all adorations!


I have studied the laws of men, they order all

I have reviewed their motives, they’re full of flaw

I treasure the expositions of the common law

I am endeared by the explicated poetry’s glow

Yet, no accomplishment outweighs Thy praise

And nothing in time is ahead of Thy phase!


The unbelievers are lost and full of confusion

They chase after fantasies and a fake illusion

They indulge in their puke and do what they hate

They are hopeless, and nothing home they take

For me, O Lord, I’ll praise You when I’m awake

And I will write Your wisdom, many hymns I’ll make!


You are most beautiful to behold, O Divine Darling

I am love struck, that my tongue to my lips will cling

Your anthem rings halleluiah in all its delicate fame

I am breathless at the aura of Your glorious name

O love me, kiss me, hug me, till my knees should kneel

And speak Thy gentle words, till Thy charm I must feel!


There is a God who knows all our hidden details

He is well-spoken of and narrated in many tales

Even tiny happenstances are all plain before him

Every thought of His creation brings a great theme

O Most Immanent God, nothing to You is too small

O Transcendent One, all and everything You know!


I love You O Lord, for You show me how to love

You give me life and everything I do and I have

I deserve nothing for You lavish upon me grace

O Lord, how beautiful to remain in Your place

To be touched by Your ever enlarging heart

O Lord, Your charm, has knocked me down flat!


O Lord, I will give You a thousand adorations

I will speak about all Your glorious admirations

When the organization elected me as leader

And unanimously endorsed that I guide her

O, who am I that children of men should select

Only You give me wisdom people to direct!


O Lord, You woke me up at the mid of the night

You said, “Wake up my son, and these all write.”

You open the faculty of my mind to revelations

To truths hidden from peoples and great nations

The mysteries of life and death to me You explain

You, You alone, are true and in truth You reign!


O bless, my Creator, bless Him, indeed bless

You who read the Scriptures from verse to verse

Don’t you find Him worthy of all our worship?

Aren’t you enchanted by His power and grip?

Who is unto the Almighty, He reigns with gravitas

O praise Him, three times, praise, upon the Angelus!


O bless, our Living God, all thinking souls, bless

For Him, may we pledge nothing any less

Who rises up early, lending the earth His sun

And from sin’s death mankind He rescued by His Son

How magnificent His thoughts to humanity,

How excellent His works in all its unity!


If I were to live a thousand years on earth,

Still I will sing His praises and walk in faith

There is no Parent who cares as He does

A giver who gives freely wherever He goes

The fountains open daily to soften the land

Mountains tremble at the stretch of His hand!


Our God who lives forever and ever is able

To the weary and the weak He is available

He is capable to cure and do the impossible

What men call failure to Him it is possible

By his grace he has made every way favorable

To those who believe their foundation is durable!


Now, allow me to sing to Him on an open yard

Let me announce Him to a prison’s closed ward

To the fisherman on an impassable river’s base

The Maker of Leviathan will break the curse

The trees will salute when He gives a command

He passes, and the sun and stars still they stand!


This soul of mine, this mind of mine and this body

These faculties of mine and all they embody

To the lovely sound of Thy sacredly gracious name

This holy theme, a true and resounding fame

For who You are, God of All Wisdom, I worship Thee

And a celebrant of Thy graces I would rather be!


These songs of sweep worship I write only for You

When I still have strength in me, this will I do

All of my faculties in words Thy power will orate

And though no more, Thee will I continue to adulate

In life or in death, O Lord, Thou art forever my love

Thy victories shall be heard below and high above!


When You made me from of old

And when the Holy Trinity did nod

Indeed, all You created is good

Yet, when I find myself in holy mood

And words fail me to state Thy essence

O, Love, invite me into Thy presence!


My God, my God, how great a designer

In small details, You make me a winner

When pain is my constant companion

Your power makes me to stand as a champion

O, receive all worship from my being

For all Your creation will lack nothing!


How I love this breeze of the early morning

Of the sweetness of daisies when spawning

The sounds of little birds in trees singing

And the gong of church bells soundly ringing

How lovely Your sweet name to pronounce,

O Worthy Lord, Your awesomeness I announce!


Oh majesty, O majesty, majestic Thou art

Thou art exalted far, the earth is Thy mart

Thou art cloth-ed with the moon and the sun

Thou riddeth upon winds in their eternal span

The sum of earth’s waters cannot Thee drown

There is no nation that of Thee is unknown!


Of gods that are man-made, Thou art divine

Of gods that be unmade, serve Thee, there is none

Of crowns and kingdoms, Thine outshineth them all

Of glories that fadeth not, Thine gloweth ever more

Of things that be creatures, Thou art the Creator

Of powers that shaketh foundations, Thine is greater!


I have found the object of my adoration

The subject for which I pen my adulation

I have discovered the goal of my giving

The aim that moves me to highest living

O Lord, You are the season when I innovate

The reason why Your triumphs I elevate!



For our strength, You give cone and whole wheat

For our enjoyment, You provide goodies that be sweet

For our sustenance, Your plenteous fresh water is there

For our existence, You make available quality clean air

For “It is good,” You said, and I now know why

For in Your powerful love, You sire grace, O Most High!


O bless the Lord Almighty, Maker of all trees

The Lord whose brilliance is perfected in threes

Creator of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil

Protector of the Tree of Life against the wiles of the devil

The Lord who prospers us as trees planted by the rivers

This Lord, who through Calvary’s Tree, gave us favors!


O wonderful, wonderful, O Lord You are

You are stationed in glorious majesty above the star

Notable science has failed to discern how You came to be

And astronomy has trotted galaxies Your power to see

Mathematicians cannot calculate the depth of Your reason

And psychology shudders at the complexity of your brain!



O Lord, Most Precious, the simple gladly believe

The learned minds at their own frailty they grieve

O Lord, You are incomparable, and immutable

You reign as Champion in universes undisputable

The armies of the mighty nations are but fearful ants

Around the world, Your praises are heard as man chants!


They exist but only in deep mythologies

Their end is set, narrated in grievous eulogies

But You are God and I AM is Your name

Mount Olympus is but an ideological claim

But Your heavens are displayed all over

You are God of gods, and You reign forever!


They elevate Planet Jupiter and call it Zeus

They mortify fallen creatures and worship Horus

They curve into stones and say, “Hail Athena,”

They are blind; they focus not on their retina

Even Orion and Plaids bow before Your throne

O God, since You alone own the eternal crown!


Oh eternal God, eternal and sustainer

The wow in me rises to the brim of Your incense burner

The wonders of nature amaze me year after year

All boundaries repeat what You command them to bear

We eat, drink and we breathe and these bounties remain

And to the sun You won’t say, “Don’t shine, you I detain!


You have conquered death, our notorious enemy

You robbed the grave of its lethal infamy

Your Words love-tongued greased into sin’s thrall

The impenetrable gates of hades, You gently overthrow

Oh Jesus, there is no hero more gloriously humble

And no bomb more potent as Your resurrection rumble.


God is real and He has been at my house recently

O Lord, when I invoked Your presence currently,

You came in through Your Holy Spirit in power

Your entrance shook the pillars of this heart’s tower

You are very welcomed into our midst, O glorious One

You will trump over our enemy, for the war You’ve won!


To You I kneel in deep and silent reflection

I submit to Your will and worthy stain correction

I choose to release my foe and friend I offended

I will not hold a grudge although of me it’s demanded

For You are slow to anger and You are rich in grace

You alone I adore, and You only my lips shall bless.


I love them all, O Lord, all my fellow believers

For these are my family, and my anxiety relievers

I have said, “We all have One Father in heaven,”

And our sorrows, washed, our wrongs, forgiven

O, halleluiah, in eternal future praise sounds

O Lord, give us unity, whence true worship abounds.


I have tarried long in the land of the mortal living

I have seen trouble, and men and women grieving

But I am comforted, that this world will disappear

When the Lord of Hosts in the sky will appear

Then all sin, pain, sorry and death will turn to victory

And victory shall glow into a consuming bowl of glory!


They sing melodies, sweet, soothing and beautiful

They flock in parades, their gene is ever fruitful

O, how I envy these carefree and worriless birds -

If we could sing like them from thrones of our beds -

There is nothing more important and fulfilling, Lord

Than to boast in the pure praises of our Holy God.


It is not for me, O Lord, it’s not for me to complain

And from all sin-gotten ventures I will dare refrain

I have so many themes to give You praise for

I want to give unadulterated appreciation for all

I see excellence in all creation, unseen and seen

How wonderful are Your plans, Your love will win!


I’ll believe the best of others, I’ll not deny the worst of me

I will not be in a hurry, the misery of others to see

Everything of mankind is the good works of Your hands

The colors of nature in human bonds glitter in bands

How lovely to behold as Black and White do talk

O, praise be to God who cause us all in love to walk.


I will tell of what You do to my wayward ways

Yes, You hide my nakedness with Your grace

You crown me with beauty instead of ashes

You lift me up into singing from deadly mashes

Those who hope in idols are utterly fooled

Halleluiah, O Lord, from heaven nations are ruled.


O Lord, make me like sweet cute Cuteravieve

And a child-like heart within me dearly revive

She wakes up each morning with a song to sing

And she worships Him who is her heavenly King

O, how beautiful that her first words are praises

For to You and before You her voice she raises!


Each morning, let untainted sweet praises ring

Each day and night, may all voices to You sing

There’s none for whose this composition is worthy

And no-one the direction of this worship is heavy

Oh that all creation in deep adoration to You shout

The Lord, to Who all things in nature attest about!


May I be a musical instrument played to the King’s glory

May I be a theme narrated before the King as a story

May my number be correct, my meter ready for a tune

May what oozes out of me to Thee be a divine fortune

May the sound of my instrument be perfume before Thee

May my words be aromas of joy for all to hear and see!


I remember that first time I gazed upon You

I could not believe that it was actually true

Your dove eyes fell on me like glorious confetti

Your Words which tither I had considered graffiti

Oh, how swift to their feet did they leap and dance

I was short for breath, I dropped my vindictive stance!


At the beginning of our courtship, O sweet Savior

Your love was tougher, Your tender mercies, heavier

Yet, through Your hands of instructions I found solace

And when I stood in Your presence, You were glorious

Then You hugged me and dazed me with a holy kiss

Since then, Jesus, I vowed Your company not to miss.


In my early days of salvation after we just met

I was to You like a blushful and an arrogant pet

O Savior, I daily needed to be chided, to be leashed

Your gentleness guided me through all I had wished

In those days, Savior, You were constantly on my mind

And Your love softly killed me, Your love is of its own kind!


We met almost by chance, Sweet Savior, so I thought

I was restless, unfulfilled being, not what to be I ought

I had put my trust in human achievements and labor

But deep within me, I longed for Thy sacred harbor

Then I made a holy mistake, I tried and Thee I tested

Oh, how superbly sweet to my soul Thy charms tasted!


Since I fell in love with You, my life is never the same

My heart has been at peace, O how I love Your name

So sweet to my senses are all Your whispering nods

I have never been disgruntled, no, never at any odds

I long for You like a cold sip in a heated desert land,

I desire You every day, like the ground on which I stand.


You are glorious, O Captain on my wondering soul,

So precious, O All-sufficient, my all in every all,

And truly famous, Leader of gods and all dominion

You are victorious, Rider on a conquering stallion

How gorgeous Your shining armor when it’s brandished

You are generous, the entire creation You have nourished!


I still miss You, O my one and only, Sweet Jesus

When I am at Your side, it is only nothing but us

Your presence energizes my every faculty to praise

And down at Your feet, all my faults You totally erase

I would rather be where Your inner glory dwells

Than to be in public media where hopelessness hails!


O Lord my God, You are to me like pure ice-cream

You are calm, cool and sweet, I am filled to the rim

Then You warm my heart like the rising morning sun

And comfort my raging thoughts like a comforting fan

I lay down and sleep, and also wake up restful again,

For Your love waters my dreams, sure as the first rain!


I do trust You, O Lord, in whose hands I entrust all

When I open my mouth, good things in it You’ll pour

I know that You answer all my requests for daily needs

And Your still small voice my inner faculty heeds

How grateful for Your providence I am, deep my heart

You’re with me, Your presence will not be broken apart.


We are like two co-joined and life-breathing hearts

We have promised our union is a shadow, it never parts

We are like two paths that meet across the dense forest

Which find great solace in Your arms where to rest

Through You, marbles, gems, and rubies acutely shine

For devotion focused on You, O Love, is pleasingly fine.


Even today I give You worship, for You’re not a man

O You Who is God and You’re beyond universe’s span

For none deserves honor, none who is a created being

Only You, unmade, uncreated, the immortal King

You formed my father, my mother and also myself

I will worship You all my life, You exist all by Yourself!


There are countless reasons why You deserve my praise

It can all be summarized in this ancient phrase:

“The LORD, eternal, immortal, and abounding in love!”

Yes, for You are set apart from all, You reign above

If I should fail to praise You, stones will jump and sing

O wonderful, holy, holy, holy is the world’s true King!


When I don’t feel like praising my only God, eternal,

That’s when I open my mouth and adore Him, internal,

O Lord, how would I make it without saying Your name?

How will my days unfold without announcing Your fame?

Your love has broken my ability to keep silent,

And from this beautiful quest, I will not relent!


Your love, O Lord, is sweeter than honey in honeycomb

Your glance in the side of Your eye, is as a silent bomb

I love to say again and again, “How lovely Your tabernacle,”

How beautiful the train of Your glory from the crystal pinnacle,

I would love to stay here, right where You view all ways,

I would like to constantly look at Your shining face, always!



After this rented breath is gone and in dust I lay

Just before that reality to my soul should spay

My Lord, every ounce of air in my sucking lungs

And even when my glory is dissipated or hangs

O Darling of the Ever-brightening Morning, 

I’ll praise You, Your golly comes, even without warning!


A lady asked me, “Does God has double standards?”

And I said, “No, my God is not like all other dads.”

“But why does He allow many miseries and disasters?”

I pointed her to an attestation of nature and of pastors

Then she saw how fair our God is, the Generous King,

O God, I’ll praise You always, I praise You in everything!


Just like vegetation, as humans, we are also numbered

As flowers will wither and dry, we may not be remembered

Yet still, years come and quickly they also vanish and go

Our births shoot up like stars, and down they easily fall

But You remain the same, Your eyes see all these

O, eternal and faithful is our God, and might praise is His.


You have been my honor and also my glory

I have nothing good for which to tell a story

Today, O Lord, hide my indignities before the class

And grant me favor before all, clear as glass

In days to come, may everyone see but You in me

O, glory to God, let grace be there for all to see!


We count our years and say that they do increase

Yet, as we grow so does our strength decrease

We are like clouds which pass away after a pour

Our little achievements are but tears when they fall

You see our pride and arrogance crash and crumble

O Lord, be praised, You love the songs of the humble.

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book ii



How shall I love You, O Victorious Sweetheart?

How shall I sing with dross governing this heart?

Like grass, we are just tiny dots in Your field

Like perishable foil, we are but dust in the wild

But You ‘re lovely, You reign in unimaginable glory

And I will gladly still tell of Your glorious story!


How lovely to wake up and see Your delightful face

O God, You have patterned all events upon grace

You turn fears and tears into sizzling joyful rays

And our expectations are justified in Your ways

How glad to be close to Your flamboyant goodness,

You alone are God, ever more, and never less!


My boast is in You, O God, my ever-capable rescuer

You are constant by my side, my pining soul pursuer

I will stand aloof and watch my enemy’s agenda fail

But it’s not for me or due to me that all is very well,

It’s because of Your kindness, for You’re faithful

It’s because of You, ever generous and wonderful!


I said, “I will chew on every inch of this delicious meat,”

And, “I will invite my teeth and my tongue to meet,”

For the taste and the aroma of these Your bounty,

And how delightfully blended all these Your plenty.

O Lord, the best of Your gifts, mankind You’ve graced

O taste and smell and see what the Lord has blessed!


Let the music play, let it sound Thy hallowed honor

Let it boast in elevated notes before its divine owner

For Thou has placed extraordinary beauty in songs

The melody, the sweetness and power it brings,

O worship Him, all His people, on stringed instruments

Dance for Him, with holy hands and clean garments!


What is the primary reason the sun rises upon the earth?

Is it to showcase the power and wisdom of God’s truth?

And more, to warm the world and make vegetation grow,

So that the young girl can radiate the beautiful glow,

So wonderful are Your excursions, O gorgeous charmer,

I would rather praise You than frown or even murmur.


I will not be anxious about anything, because I believe

I will not fret, or seek men’s approval, worry to relieve

The Lord is my providence, my daily hope and sustainer

He won’t sleep or slumber, “Care” is His steadfast banner

You have put food on my table, thirst You have quenched

Your praise is deserved; Your honor is deeply entrenched!


There is a brain that conceived all things, seen and unseen

There is a God who planned all things, known and not known

There is a mind that determines all, dreamed or unfathomable

There is a God who cares and makes all of us comfortable

You, Lord, You are mighty in power and honorable in deed

Now and forever, my sacrifices of praise are Yours, indeed!


I love the fine things of this life, the food and all pleasures

I love the titivations, human variations and all treasures

I enjoy the order of nature, and the arrangement of time

I enjoy the desire of eyes and all endeavors in their prime

And to know that Lord You made all these for our enjoyment,

O Lord, I give You thanks and praise in its refinement!


You have been my refuge in times of great need

You have saved me from raging waves of greed

And provided me with an agenda and a moral creed

When I am hungry and thirsty, my want You do feed

Your commandments I read and love to heed

You’re praised, and adored in word and deed!


The DNA of the Church runs deeply into my veins

The flurries of the Last Day and the power it earns

However far my mind, Your heart is always for me

Your eyes slumber not, all my dangers You see

Before a weapon is fashioned, You diffuse its impact

Your glorious power shakes the base when You act.


How accurate Your designs and plans for humanity

Your wishes You have revealed through Christianity

Your wisdom spreads like a curtain above the earth

No sooner You kill Spring than Summer You do birth

Who is able to predict what You will do the very next?

How personable You are, so close to us as a text!


The icecap melts steadily along the corridors of Arctic

The polar bear and seal Your air they crave at Antarctic

The mighty whale to You it responds in the Atlantic

And the tasty salmons to You they swim in the Pacific

If the God of all power is not for this earth’s survival

God be praised, no-one escapes man’s wrathful arrival.


How peaceful the night when a prayer reaches Heaven

The blessed angels do visit the blameless at eleven

The joys of the saints rhyme with the Elders’ salutes

Thousands line up golden streets with drums and flutes

In this soul of mine, You have built a House of Praise

Then the redeemed shall gather, Your anthem to raise.


Do harvest us, O divine planter of the earthly garden

Our hearts soften, though earthly evils do artily harden

Our lips sanctify, that awesome adoration may proceed

Our hands make holy, as we lift them up to Your heed,

For You are worthy to receive all respect and power

For You deserve glory, minute by minute, hour by hour!


I will celebrate Your amazing grace, till my last breath

For I have gone through known history, depth by depth

And to my astonishment, You have been slow to act

And the old appreciated the importance of this fact,

O Lord, I would be punished, but for Your kindness

I will give You all, for praise is lovely before Your face.


I will be richly endeared in moneys and resources this week

I will posture myself to receive, because You did say and speak

Surely, goodness and all favor today shall follow me fondly

I am well-served, all good things will come readily and handily

O Lord, my provider, You have caused all trends in to shift my way

O God of my redemption, free praise I will sing throughout this day.


Praise the Lord, O my soul, magnify His holy name

Who lifts up the undeserved and brings them to fame

And who renders the victor’s victory into oblivion

O Lord, You have placed the weak up on the pavilion

And in this, You show that You have infinite wisdom

Because You do, and Yours also is the Kingdom!


Praise the Lord, and concede that He is the only true God

Praise the Lord; He exists as One in a divine triune three-fold

Praise the Lord, for He relates to us without hidden agenda

Praise the Lord, His truth is pure and is without propaganda

Praise the Lord, unlike men He is faithful to what He says

Praise the Lord; He is without blame in all His timeless ways!


How I love You, O Lord, for You have been candid throughout

I am tired of humanity because of its tendency to lie all about

It says one thing but its heart is filled with evil machinations

Its rebelliousness is spread all over all the known nations

But You have all the power, and yet You are self-restrained

Your truth, I worship, for You are whole and self-contained!


I love You, O Lord my God, for this grand revelation You told

For Israel is but Your rod and standard for nations to behold

With many flaws and incipient beliefs the Jews also stumble

But many of them also had great integrity and were humble

I am not ashamed to put my trust in the God of all flesh

There is none in heaven and on earth I would rather cherish!


You can’t look at the flowers and Him fail to admire

You can’t observe the beauty of the sunset and Him fail to desire

You can’t perceive the brilliance of Heaven and to Him fail to aspire

You can’t gaze at the wonder of the seas and ignore His power

O Lord, I am speechless; who is like unto You?

Who is the only Way, the real Life, and all He says and is, is true?


How amazing the truth that the answer is Jesus

This understanding is in itself absolutely precious

All questions that concern us have answers in Jesus

O, how wonderful this revelation, O how gracious

I will be quick to proclaim that He is the Final Genius

O glory be to God in the highest, His Solution is with us.


In the embrace of Your most comfortable hands

In the solace where the true Lamb of God stands

In the palace of the Most High whence His glory reigns

In the Fortress of Power, where His spotless gown trains

In this Thy presence, O Lord, I’d for eternity be,

In this Thy excellence, You have set my soul free!


Tears of Thanksgiving drip profusely in the rims of my eyes

I recall those days of great distress in struggle-vested byes

Times when I had no money, no means and no support

But You should have been near me to provide me the rapport

For how could have I survived and come out alive without it?

O Lord my God, I worship You in truth and also in spirit!


They are cursed those who put their trust in the arm of flesh

They are blinded and they don’t see that they run into the mesh

For men do not keep trust as pure as the perfect bright sky

They say things with words but their heart is deviously rye

But the Lord is true and faithful, all who trust Him will be saved

And praise that is clean and holy is of the Lord well-deserved!


I am for You, O dearest of the Highest of the Highest Heaven

I am satisfied, with all the goodies and privileges You have given

I behold the brilliant scenery at the confluence of the sunset

The wrath of the sun and the billows of waters decide to date

You tame the anger of the wounded buffalo, the venom of wilds

O praise Him, His favor He distributes, His love He never hides!


There is a fountain whose clear and pure water does not cease

The Lord is to us the never-ending flood of security and ease

He will provide, because His bunker is ever filled with plenty

The Lord answers to our sacred prayers, His grace is handy

When praise rises to His nostrils, He sends down His flurries

There are no flaws in His abundance, and, indeed, no worries.


I almost began to worry, until I remembered the grace of my God

I recall times when I had nothing and no-one to look to but the Lord

I thought about the faithfulness of the Master in the distant past

I brought to memory the Providence of my Maker which is just

And I bowed down in adoration, for You have been there for me

You have not denied me any good thing, praise be only to Thee!


O Lord, in no uncertain terms, let me praise You for the Bible

The only source of truth, liberty, life and penned without libel

You have been kind to humanity, O God, You have been kind

For the blessings of the Word of God all races they bind

And who is like unto You who with love bequeaths light,

Who is like You who fends our hearts with eternal delight?


How lovely this great sight, and the environment it grows

How calmly this grand night, and the firmament it glows

For a million brilliant sounds, this phenomena is divine

Still, a trillion excellent rounds, this illumina it will shine

You are the Master Craftsman, Your dexterity invites

You are the Expert Handyman, Your alacrity enchants!


From the rising of the sun to when men press off their switches

From the exodus of the sunset until men switch off their watches

My voice shall praise Your name, my mind will not cease to think

I’ll observe all the wonders of the night, my eyes shall never blink

For no-one is able with art to craft natures which so suavely echo,

In the highest heaven, there is none, on earth You have no equal!


I write hearty psalms for You, O Lord, my lover and my anchor

As I walk my baby in a stroller astride a coolly morning bunker

So cute, so angelic she sleeps in the quietness of the zephyr

My mind starts to understand that my life, too, You chauffer

I would rather be here, where my heart is flooded with praise

Than snoop to mirthful sounds without God’s grace to amaze!


I hear clearly the sounds of a bird, perhaps it cries or it sings

Surely it should know that the Lord is the source of all things

For He will not withhold His hand to catch a dropping tear

No, neither will He be absent in times of peril, danger or fear

Even in the silence of our groans, His heart hears us still

I give You deepest thanks, O Lord, You know what we feel!


O Sweet Lord, You have always provided me with an escape

Many times, my words are unseasoned, my reason out of shape

But I will give You thanks for You always warn me ahead of time

And in this You will not allow the enemy to corrupt my prime

Let me be sound in mind, pure in heart and obedient to You

O, keep me out of danger, Your favor upon me always renew!


From today onwards, Heavenly Father, I will live for only You

I will always think with my heart, all my promises will be true

For who has saved me from the shame of broken dreams,

And also restored my soul to the rhythms of spiritual hymns?

Only You my God who is raised on an unapproachable throne,

I will search for You, find You and also claim You as my own!


When You save me from the trap that is set against me

And give me seeing eyes that sly dross I can openly see

My Lord and my God, I will rejoice in Your endless love,

I will tell of Your wonders to generations below and above,

I will intercede both for my best friend and my greatest foe

And I will give You hearty praise, now, even forevermore!


Everything that you have said, O Lord, is perfectly true

And no-one will go astray who follows Your strict rule

We have a tendency, the Living God to second-guess

But the end of disobedience is absent from His grace

Surely, You have been kind to me and to all humanity

Even such as I offer in praise, cannot equal Your amity.


O Lord my Father, I was not betrayed by a total stranger

The one who planned by downfall was not my challenger;

It was she who received good instructions from my hand,

Who praised me loudly in front of the entire class stand;

But You are faithful, You will not my repute ever forsake

And You will guide my pure praise for Christ Jesus’ sake!


In Kitchener, I stood at the edge of a well-kempt gravesite

I saw many tombstones, grand and posh in every sight

Then I shrieked, I wondered, and pondered deep inside

There is no time, no moment, and no energy to lay aside

The place to praise You, Lord, is now, while I have breath

The time to worship is here, wherever there is a wreath!


O Kind and Wonderful Savior, be praised for Your grace

O Lovely and Adorable Master, be honored in every place

You’re awesome, amazing how You care for the undeserved,

In danger, You summon for us the angels You’ve reserved

And when we lift up our fears unto You, our silence You heard,

O Mighty Warrior, receive our worship and all the accolade!


My Father, whose throne is far above in the highest Heaven

Holy, holy, holy – Your altar is hilariously golden and brazen

Tough Your glory is complete, unapproachably uppermost

Yet, into it You call us to celebrate the feast of the uttermost

I won’t hesitate to enter in, and there give You tender kisses

O, I am captivated by Your smile, and the tickles it teases.


My Lord, my Lover, take me far away, way further than here

O, my love, sneak me higher into the mountains yonder there

And in that place, show me just how beautiful You are

O, my tender love, point me intimately to the Morning Star

And in the presence of angels, hold me tightly into Your arms,

There kiss me deeply, and draw me strongly in lovely palms.


Your love is better than the embrace of a million faces

Your touch I crave, I fall for Your whisper in scented places

You are very beautiful to behold, O my heart breaks for You

And everything that You tell me is, indeed, very true;

I would not mind kissing Your countenance whole day

And to rave in Your splendor, and there forever to stay!


Tell me You love me, just this once, Lord my God

Speak to me in Your voice, tender, dearer than gold

Let me feel Your heartbeat, into my ears send a Word

So I will dance without music and dine without bread;

O my one and loveliest, let us escape into Your Shekinah

In Halleluiahs so dense, there I would rather be sojourner!


I will not allow myself to be filled with revenge and hate

My soul will remain steadfast, and I will not cower or fret

Let me, my Lord, have enough to eat, drink and live well

For in excess there is no contentment, integrity will fail

O grant each day my needs, so praise won’t be disturbed

And sufficient to live by, so adoration will not be perturbed!


O Lord, You have been right, one hundred percent of the time

Your Word and Your deeds, from eternity to eternity, rhyme

Although You do not answer to anybody, You’re always just

And though You have divine immunity, You master in trust

You surely deserve that all the living souls pay You homage

It’s an honor, O Sovereign Lord, to be made in Your image!


From before there was nothing at all, only You existed

And Truth and the Spirit, the glory of You they consisted

You have seen man’s brain expand, innovations to explore

Everything else changes, except Your holiness and Your core 

Surely man should not brag that he has conquered nature

Be praised, O Lord, no wisdom compares to Your stature!


That all the living should pray to You, for You hear our calls

That they should believe You’re true, for only Jesus knows

That it should be easier for all humanity, Your glory to pursue

That, You, O Lord, Immortal, Eternal, Invisible, art our answer

That all who are created in Your image, should ditch all idols

That they should always spread Your honor to entire cradles!


You are Sovereign, Most High, God of gods, You’re truly holy

I am all smiles this morning because I belong to Your family

When bad thoughts of threats came my way and almost won

I kept silent; I looked to You and made Your peace my own

O Most Transcendental God, You are aware of the big picture

And my praise to You will not diminish, now or in the future!


You will turn every intimidation I face into a victory song

You will speak favorably about me to the might and strong

You will make me get high on the plain and have me promoted, 

And even when I should have been disparaged or demoted

You will give me praise instead of stress and horrible trouble,

For You are my emblem, my victory and You’re mightily able.


I praise You, O mighty warrior, God who is boss over all bosses

You walk on the clouds and before and after are fresh roses,

You stand in the fire, and it lays down its ferocity in defeat

And You summon the snow, and it spits out all its heat,

You will not miss to hit a bull’s eye, You arrows are very sharp

And when visit the earth to tend it, You will leave no ire gap!


Tenderly and sweetly, You grace eternity’s glorious mercy seat

Kindly and patiently, You walk among men with an exalted fleet,

I will not be afraid of those who plot my downfall in the dark

Or succumb to fear wherein it gapes intently into my back,

For You are my defence, You see from all sides and directions

And You will defend me, without saying a word or taking action!


Stand, O Mighty Warrior, and do not let the Society summon me

Answer for me, before my accuser takes a stand or my face they see

Send me a sign, that all and everything everywhere is just fine

And Your peace which passes all understanding, let it be mine,

For You are the light that distinguishes all darkness before me

And honor and true success in the land of the living, I will see!


From now henceforth, allow Your favor and prosperity guard my feet

From the rising of the sun, Monday till Sunday, let my life be neat

From enemies as well as friends, may blessings be said about You

And from those who love You, make Your mercies shine ever new

Surely You must be great, because You change not, ever the same

I declare, “Through mercy, all is fine,” and I honor Your holy name!


You, O Lord, are the wonder that keeps my heart beating

The energy that makes me rise up and keep breathing

I would not contemplate living without Your love

More so, existing like the future I do not have

I would lose my mind if a son of man I should adore

Or a daughter of the mortal I should set as my idol!


Lord, I love the instrument You use to make me good

Do not let me loath what will refine my mood

Surely, it is painful and spiteful when You reprimand

And overtly unpalatable when You make me a demand

But whether You injure me or not, still You I will praise

For I know that those You love, You also chastise.


How can I feel good about another’s bad news

And still appear before You and speak out my views?

How can I praise God and deride people You made?

Surely, I will be a hypocrite, disobedient to Your Word

O Lord, may all the praise I give You be pure,

May every thought and action be lovely and sure!


O Lord, how can I give You pure and unadulterated praise?

How should my crookēd and deceptive voice I raise?

Surely, sweet and bitterness cannot emerge from one source

But You are my Maker, You are director of my course

You change my life, O God, and rid my heart of dross

I will praise You so long as I live, for the power of the cross!


Standing here in Your presence, my heart does ponder

I contemplate on all the good things and grow fonder

I am here, especially to hear again Your still, small voice

For when it comes to You, there is simply no rival choice

Only You, and You alone, I will forever and willingly worship

And just for who You are, at Your feet I will fellowship!


The condition of the day does change, hour by hour

The vegetation in the field withers, flower upon flower

Governments and nations fail, power out of power

Civilizations crumble and rebuild, tower on tower

Seasons come and go, and again they re-emerge slower

But my praise for You’ll stay, on my knees I’ll go, lower!


I have come to conclusion, that truth is absolute

And in these three, O Lord, I am very resolute

That from eternity to eternity, love will never fail

Lord, hate You hate with perfect hatred none can tell

That no matter what, good will always over evil win

That whatever man sows, that shall he also reap in!


It is all of grace, O Lord Jesus, God’s beloved Son

For in You I trust, O Lord God, let Your will be done

Grace has spoken; I don’t need my salvation to merit

By redemption’s free gift, Your geniality I will inherit

You made it simple, that all I have to do is believe

I give You praise, for in You I move and also live!


Indeed, the peace that passes all understanding, 

God’s true peace, present at His altar I am standing

Like a pint of oasis water, it floods my innermost soul

Oh Lord, You’ve answered my prayer swift as a goal

You’ve turned my mourning into dancing, suddenly

Throughout this day, I will honor Your name openly!


It is because You prompted me to pray, Holy Spirit

It’s because You’re presently here, Sweet Holy Ghost

That Christ Jesus You have in my heart magnified

That His worthy power and name, You have glorified

I gladly fall on my knee before my Heavenly Father

I stand up, my hands full, and His blessings to gather.


You have cheered my soul, Oh Ancient of Days

You have made it possible for me in all my ways

You have turned my enemy far away from me

And You have set my heart and body very free,

I praise You early, because You deserve praise

I rest in You, for all my anxiety, worry You erase!


A boulder of pain and doubt my soul it tormented

A rock of vexation, almost in my heart fomented

A strong mound of worry slowly built around about

And anxiety started nesting closer to my heart,

Then I prayed to You, and Your banner I lifted

And Lord, You heard me, and my attackers rifted.


It is well with me, in the Lord my God, it is well

In His powerful hands of victory I cannot fail

A thousand troubles stretch on both my sides

And countless more hone up their sharp studs,

But nothing shall touch me, my Lord, shall stand

In His presence He will hold me by His own hand!


I will boast in God who causes me to prosper daily

And this week, He will nourish me and my family

He will force all doors of goodwill to open wide

And shut off all evil routes and chase them in the wild

The Lord, Immortal, Terrific and Almighty is mine

I will fear no evil, His perfect light for me will shine!


All my wishes from my heart the Lord will fulfill

And all my innermost longings the Lord will fill

Ten thousand dollars this a week He shall provide

And bad lack and misfortune from me, He will hide

I’m blessed beyond size, all bills are also paid

Oh praise God all my soul, awakened or in bed!


Oh Jesus, it should be about You, all about You

The body of flesh will perish when it is very due

But You are from ancient times, from long ago

From before time began, when life was no more

You oversaw creation, You created all things

In You all humanity lives and have their beings!


Oh Jesus, humbly to this earth You willingly came

As a baby, You were free from sin and all blame

You grew up tenderly as a plant shooting its limbs

As the Lamb of God, You cared all for earthly lambs

You healed all the sick that believed in the Father

And chased out evil demons from many the other!


Oh Jesus, You chose sinners for Your Company

And did not forbid a prostitute You to accompany

When the people cried for bread in the wilderness,

Oh Lord, You extended Your hand them to bless

When the waves raged in the middle of the sea,

Forever You shut them off; prisoners You set free!


From age zero to Your sacrificial death of the Cross

The devil ever trailed You and in You found no dross

The master deceiver could not lay his hand upon You

And could not refuse that Your love mission was true

For You did not come to be served, but sinners to save

The blind did see, Your dear soul You willingly gave. 


Oh Jesus, incomparable Jesus, unmistaken Savior

You accept all people, irrespective of their behaviour

The warry soul also finds its rest in Your tender arms

The wounded spirit You won’t unleash from Your palms

And all the children, Your sweet memories they sing

For You are the Lord of lords, and the Everlasting King!


I sing, O Lord, because of Your tender kindness to me

I have not done anything to deserve the good I see

You will stand before the new students and me honor

You will announce my excellence from corner to corner

So that all may say, “How great Thou art, great art Thou,”

I sing, O Lord Jehovah, because You’ve shown me how!


Cover all my shame and indignity, O You who see all

Let all men and women, boys and girls Your praise pour

Do not reveal the secrets of my heart, I will not stand

Let only good the people see, only You to understand

For I announce the Lord Jehovah He alone is good

And for my defence and great honor He proudly stood!


Oh Lord my God, early I will think of Your victories

You are written on every page of my triumphant stories

You’ve guided me into integrity through Your direction

And sustained my reputation through Your protection

Do it again, Father, for my frailties are many in number

And all glory I’ll give; thanksgiving I’ll also remember!


Father, God of the wild expanse above, and earth below

You have pitted me and lifted me up when I was low

When I offered a prayer, You answered me with favor

When shame came haunting, You rescued my endeavor

In this day, again, I trust Your mercy to bring me honor

And I will give You thanks, O my life giver and sustainer!


It’s September 26, the year 2016 of our favorable Lord

Show me Your grace, and only grace I need my God

That You will cause me to be above, and not inferior

That You will not make me a tail, but only superior

All shall be and go well, my integrity You will preserve,

At the end, I’ll offer You the praise that You deserve!


I offer You praise as You deserve, O Lord Sovereign

For in majesty and with honor in Heaven You reign

The cries of the hopeless You remember and calm

And when I was fearful, to my salvation You did come

Be magnified, O Lord, above the wings of the cherubim

Be eminent, O God, among the angels and seraphim!


You have satisfied me with protection and safety

You have ensured that my coffer is not empty

I will not lack anything, because You, O Lord, cares

And what is in Your creation, You, O Lord, shares

You will keep Your promise, till the end of the age

Your Kingdom, too, is endless and it does not age!


My Lord, my God, my heavenly Father, for so You are

This day, from my class activities do not be very far

When the boss will come today to my secure enclosure

Oh Lord, do not announce or open hidden disclosure

For You will honor me before those who are new

I give You thanks because victory belongs to You!


I had said with certainty that “Victory belongs to You!”

This is a statement that is credible and very true

Indeed, I saw the hand of the Lord, strong and firm

O Lord, You have passed over all my guilt and shame

Now that You have honored me before the learners

O Lord, may praise never leave me, 


There is a line that You have set so no-one can cross

There is Kingdom You have established none can conquer

My heart will utter the most beautiful name in public

And will shower adoration openly and in oblique

For You are the Star that directs the lost sailor

The glory that illuminate my mind to know excellence!


I love Your Word, O Lord, for there is nothing like it

And the agent who makes it alive, the Holy Spirit,

In it I found great satisfaction, and joy unspeakable

For by it my soul is gladdened with grace impeccable

O Lord, be given thanks from all those who read it,

Be praised with words, now and with every heartbeat!


You delight in mercy, O Lord, You forgive sins

And all who call upon You provide divine inns

You grace abounds greatly where trespasses are

For You will remove faults completely and far

Yet, I will praise You, redemption You’ve secured

I will offer adoration, my salvation You’ve assured!


O Lord, You are burdened with my constant confession

Yet, I will still bow before You, I will keep my profession

O Lord, You are saddened because of the pain I bring

Yet, I will still worship You, my one and trusted King

You have called me when I was not looking for You 

You’ve answered me even before I knew what was true!


From long ago, O Lord, You have required my worship

In times pastd3, You have called creation to fellowship

Through law and the prophets, You demanded correction

But I will come to through Christ my ultimate perfection

I will claim righteous in Him, who is my true salvation

I will give thanks perpetually without any reservation!


You, Holy God of Heaven, You are also my friend

Your secret to me You reveal from end to very end

I will be careful my good word always to keep

And ensure that my love for You is always deep

Because there is nothing I can hide before You

And in this, You show You’re the Great God, too!


That I have been saved by grace, is a sweet song 

That it is not by my works, is loud and very strong

That if I should boast, only that You make me know

If I should be proud in God my Lord, is not a show

For You loved me, a sinner, before I loved You,

O amazing grace, Your love is great and true!


What the law could not do because it was weak,

O Lord, You did in that gloomy Passion Week

For my flesh could not keep all Your sanctities

And my soul would not handle all Your securities

But grace reached out to me, a foe, condemned

To You my praise I raise, Savior of the damned!


I will praise You, Halleluiah, Halleluiah, Halleluiah!

I will bow to You, Halleluiah, Halleluiah, Halleluiah!

I will sing for You, Halleluiah, Halleluiah, Halleluiah!

I will magnify You, Halleluiah, Halleluiah, Halleluiah!

For grace has saved a wretched soul as this my own

The battle I never fought in, that Calvary Battle I won!


I have brought You nothing, Most Gracious Master

Serve for these sacrifices of praise, filled with luster

You would refuse to take them, they are as dead skin

You would have closed me out, because of my sin,

Yet, grace opened the eternal door for me to come

O, be praised my God, You save with a mighty arm!


Oh how beautiful Thou art, O Lord, my God, how beautiful

Thy countenance shines brightly, Thy grace is bountiful

And fairer than the moon or the sun in their azure glory

Even more attractive than the angels in all their flurry

Thou art God – Father, Spirit and Son – all an intricate Triune

More than medals and trophies, I own Thee only, as mine! 


Let me honor You with the pleasure of my lips, O Lord

Let me state it most emphatic, my God, let me be bold

The flowers have spread evenly their beautiful petals

The honey has honeyed from within their pretty sepals

You must be great, greatly merciful and full of kindness

O Lord, promotion and success are Yours, so is grace!


Its day, again, another beautiful day, a pretty day

And You are with me and mine, now and all the way

So purge me, O Lord, that my life be a testimony

And purify me, so my rhythm should bring harmony

For You never change, O Highest Crowned Father

Your dominion is ever extending, further and further!


My God, with all my heart, I give You hearty thanks

For the gift of teaching, more than the value of many banks

The joy that it brings, and the impact on many a student

Oh Lord, aren’t You master of all, aren’t You brilliant?

I know You love me, and I state here and now, I love You

I respect Your will and name, for You’re all things true!


You will be admired, O Lord, when You strongly awake

For all the depth and details of all things You did make

You know all things and are acquainted with all my ways

And I, will rest in Your promises, now and indeed, always

I give You thanks, for You’ve given me the promotion

And my enemies will see that You and I are in motion!


Like a fleeting cloud, my mind does sometimes wonder

Like a dry leaf, I am weak; my heart seems to be under

Like a broken branch, I do feel alone and also hopeless

Like a forgotten soul, I am lost, dull and I am helpless

But like a bridge, You will carry me to the other side

And like an anchor, in You my sails will strongly abide!


My God, do not leave my soul to perish into the graves

And do not consign my body where its utility starves

My Lord, You are my salvation and also my deliverer

You will rescue me strong, for in You, I am a believer

Your presence, my Good Lord, is all my soul desires

And You I will freely worship, Your love burns like fires!


My Father who art in Heaven, blessed be Your holy name

I will place my faith in Your mercies, Your Word and claim

At CDI, You have elevated me when everyone is lowered

You have added more money, my future You’ve powered,

Therefore, I’ll remember You, You are my Jehovah Jireh

I’ll deflect glory to You, without You, I have no sure way!


I’ll celebrate the birth of a nation today, Lord be magnified

I will speak of the beauty that I see and I have identified

When Your people stand to dance, O Lord, let it be justified

When the music plays, Your faithfulness, it shall be testified

You have given us many ways to be merry and satisfied

In all things, Your copious providence, shall be amplified!


You have broken through my measly life-style, for richness

You’ve opened the doors to business, with favor and grace

There will be many gifts, when the child’s birthday is feted

In a week, wells will overflow, fountains will be inundated

There will be so much revenue and extra, for all we require

Our hope You will not disappoint, my praise I will not spare!


The love that bubbles in my soul for You LORD, I’ll publish

This I will do for Your fame and glory both I will establish

The peace I have, the gift of friends and family, I’ll broadcast

The promise of wealth and well-being, truly LORD I’ll forecast

For a thousand songs bellow in my heart, ready to be sung

For You, Darling, only pure worship I reserve for my tongue!


You are most exhilarating, O Lord, and better than wine

The taste of Your brews is awesome and is gloriously fine

The after-effects are fulfilling and altogether life-changing

But in much beers faculties are damaged, even estranging

Though for a while the forms of the drink are entrancing,

Only Your presence brings my soul to delightful dancing!


Do favor me, You who dwells in unapproachable glory 

The LORD, Jehovah who is above all and angers slowly

Be also for me, because no one then can be against me

Also plead my case, for You will forsake none of my plea

Show Yourself strong for me, before men and all systems

Your power never falters, Your triumph is sung in hymns!


I am a winner, yeah through Thee, more than a conqueror

I will only rise, yeah ever higher to the scepter You anchor

O LORD Jehovah, You are bigger than all those who hate us

And it is not because of us, but because of our Lord Jesus

So, I bring reasoned chat before You who watches over me

Be praised LORD Yahweh, Yahweh our God You shall be!


I have no idea what is in it for me this beautiful Monday 

But I know that my redeemer lives Tuesday to Sunday

When You lifted Your head to design my elegant destiny

When You saw that all my ways were bright, however tiny

If You permit, I will come to You the next day, You to adore

I’ll testify for God who brings great light from dark shadow!


I would be a fool if I forsook my Lord in the land of the living

I would be a bad investor if I overlooked all the Lord’s giving

For even if I was an atheist, I would be informed by my mind

If I was an agnostic, I would still know that it is one of a kind

It would be unfair, Lord, to carry on life like I invented it,

I love You, Lord; I am filled by Your Word and Your Spirit!

book iii

book iii

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Yes, Lord, I have prayed and stood in the gap for my child

Your arms of power, aren’t they raised high and very wide?

Yet, You will not overlook even a little baby’s piercing pain,

A sucking babe understands, and Your trust it’ll truly gain

O God above all gods, I will mention You in every victory

Yes, Lord, healing You’ve written in every human story!


O Lord, my God, when I in deep and grave contemplations

Not for my needs, for others and those You share relations,

I wonder I how, my head bowed, my hands raised to Heaven

I will not relent to observe Your wonders, twenty-four-seven,

All the beauty around me attests to Your mighty and power,

All souls, ancient and future, will testify about this holy hour!


I do have an interview coming up and I thank You, Lord

Even today my resolve is strong and I am very, very bold,

Yet, it is not because I am better or have all the resources,

It’s because, Father, You own all things, You know all sources

You did decide, Lord, to elevate my name and my reputation,

And I have promised to return glory at each and every station!


I will be named among the great in the land of the living

And I will be proclaimed among heroes for all You keep giving

You will reserve my legacy among those who are influential

And preserve my reverence among all things that are financial,

Only because of the Lord should such statements be ever true,

Only because the Lord is good have the skies remained blue!


I would have fainted or lost heart until I reminded me of this:

The LORD is eternal, all-knowing and surely all-mighty He is,

He will not forfeit of any good because He is somewhere busy,

Nor will He fail us when it matters, for His burden is also easy,

Oh LORD, You have been my refuge in times of great need,

My source of true hope, and Your instructions I gladly heed!


I would have been gravely worried, and also greatly despaired,

Oh LORD, all my expectations this early You have repaired,

A thousand troubles may approach and show up at my door 

And though they may raise their fangs, LORD, You’re my core,

I have lifted a victory banner in anticipation of great conquest,

Oh LORD, mighty are Your wonders in many a miracle quest!


Now LORD my Lord, You have fixed for me a palatable meeting

Though I’ll be the last to attend, You have made it greatly fitting

I receive Your tender and gentle favor which You have provided

I will also rest in Your presence, for Your angels have me guided,

The LORD will also make good that which He has begun to do

All power, all praise, and all dominions in all azures are His, too!


O sing, sing a beautiful and melodious song, O my soul

Do not waste your energy on your bed, worrying to the core,

The LORD is all-sufficient, the way He will make for you,

Him only you shall praise, for all His directives are also true,

In the way of conquerors, you’ll walk and spoils you’ll gather

For the Maker of the Universe’s God, and also is your Father!


It is well, O LORD, God my Father, it is very much well,

Those who trust in Your saving hand, they shall not fail

They will approach every challenge with great confidence

They will also accomplish tasks with genial excellence,

All due to You, dearest Lord, all because of Your kindness,

O bless Him, my everything and my all in me Him bless!


O Lord, I fail to understand how one can survive without You

The waves of anxiety came rushing, I could not pass through

No person, no money or even sound advice would relieve

O Lord, only a simple trust, how comforting for me to believe,

Surely, You have placed gems in easy and convenient things,

So lovely the simplicity of Your complexity to human beings!


Let me give You unadulterated adoration, my One and only God

For today, You have done three things for me that are in gold:

You have not let Paul mention my profession before the class;

You have approved my thirty hours to Peter without any crass;

You’ve added to me a coordination position at another college,

O praise His grace, for I deserve neither good nor any privilege!


You are known to be merciful, O keeper of our secrets deep

You will honor Your Word, Your will You will always keep,

How comforting the knowledge that You not shame us out

Our God, You will not spread our weaknesses way about

But Your truth is with those who pray to You, who trust

For You will be loved always for the sake of Christ!


You are always and perfectly aware of all my concern

And the things that bother me, You’ll know for certain

How that when I am deep in my wondering thoughts,

And You still come early to mend all my line of faults,

Who is like unto You, LORD, secret prayers He’ll hear?

Who can compare to You, when I need Him, He’s there?


I will love You, O Lord, every day for the rest of my life

I will nudge the edge to pray, and will kneel without strife

I will wake up early to greet my Maker and Him to adore

I will not relent to praise; I’ll persist to knock at His door 

O sanctify the Lord, you faculties in me that He made

Do exhort His name, and do so effortlessly, without aid!


My God, my God, You’ve been my bread and my butter

My daily portion You prepare, ever sumptuous and fatter

Before I know of my next position, You’ve already known

Before I walk into my destiny, You’ve there already gone

You prepare a table for me, when I least am even aware

O praise God, my Provider, His glory He cannot share!


How can I even begin to tell of the mystery of Your grace,

It is beyond human reason, an eternal enigma I do face,

That You have obsoleted that salvation should be of law

And have given us free redemption, Heaven and more,

O praise God, who’s generosity’s wider than the full earth,

O praise Him, for His love He has bequeathed from birth!


There are times when it seems like all hope is totally gone

Those are times when days look shorter, nights look wan

Then morning comes, and God looks down from Heaven

O Lord, I look at all that is around about me You’ve given,

My children, wife, jobs, friends and relatives who are dear,

O Lord, all praise is yours, for You’re my shield and spear!


In my dream, I sat in the Church where me You nourished

My heart was fixed only on You, I saw all, and it flourished,

The Bishop, his members, were all happy, and we praised

We danced to tunes, laughed aloud, and hands we raised,

For all the brethren are one, O Lord, You’ve given a family

Your praise will always be on my lips, worship’s my homily!


I just want to praise You, my mind can’t fathom any theme

The reality comes early when I wake up from a good dream

Then I see that God, You have trusted Your treasure to us

You even gave mankind Yourself, You were and are Jesus,

You walk among us, though we don’t You closely recognize

Yet, we see Your loveliness, a holy party we will organize!


Do not say that gone are better days, such talk lacks facts

For before His birth at Jerusalem, law only dictated our acts

But after Resurrection, we in grace can approach His throne

We have a friend in Jesus, to His spaces we’ve been drawn,

These are the days of great feast, while the Groom is here,

Let us play, drink and dance, let us worship without any fear!


Allow me, Lord, to brag, and I will tell of Your precious blood

That there is no cleanser that overwhelms like a great flood,

For my own guilt has grown wider than the earth’s perimeter

And though my sin may have borders larger than of Jupiter,

And in this I say not to justify my own failures and willfulness,

O Lord, I am amazed, Your love does leave me speechless!


You’re right, Sovereign God, when You allow to elect Trump

You did not let prevail the calls for him the people to dump

You’re God, and You decide whom to lift up and who to drop

For to You the nations will look for providence and for hope

Be praised, Your foolishness is greater than men’s wisdom

Your rule is permanently entrenched into many a kingdom!


Though the cash register records only zeroes, I will praise

Though I am disappointed by my heroes, I’ll still Him praise

Though no client makes a good call, the Lord I will praise

Though waiting may on me take a toll, yet Him I will praise

Though there is no promotion in sight, Lord, You I’ll praise

Though days turn into night, Jesus my Lord, I’ll still praise!


Why do we rejoice when the rain pours and the sky is blue

Yet, we whine when life is painfully hard and sticks like glue,

Why do we sing songs and dance when it is our expectations,

Yet, frown and are embittered with a neighbor’s anticipations,

The Lord is good to all, and His blessings shower all lands,

I will credit You, Lord, for all other people’s trophies’ grands!


No human being, however mean they may seem to be, is evil

But all persons are under the temptation and lure of the devil

There is only one way people can escape their bad behavior

The fountains of love never cease to spring out of the Savior

The LORD God Jehovah is kind, not willing any should perish

Your name, LORD, I’ll honor, Your compassion I will cherish!


You who have received the mercies and grace of our God

You who call upon His name, you who believe and are told,

I come to you in weakness as your own fellow earth’s pilgrim

O that you should worship our God without hypocrisy or grim

Your own glory replace not for His, empty all for His highness

O play no tricks, give Him all, Him only fear, Him only bless!


I’ll not be ashamed to proclaim Your great love to all, O Lord

I will not hesitate to declare Your wondrous wisdom, my God

I will air the obvious magnificence of Your magnificent Space

I’ll brag of the Divine Mind Who placed the universe in place

Then I will share in the present delights and the joy to come,

You, O LORD are patient, in all state of affairs, You are calm!


I’d have bragged about me, till I realized I am just like sheep

I’m broken, shaken, stricken and a smitten and damaged hip

Like a lamb, am dull, slow in thinking and overall defenseless

O, in need of a shepherd am I, in need of Your holy place,

Do take me in, O my Father, through Jesus Your holy Son,

There, may I follow, daily enjoying You with praise and fun!


Each day, every minute, Your glory is manifested by science

In disbelief we ponder, as elements in nature protest in defiance

You stand above all wisdom, above all knowledge and all power

We see the works of Your powerful hands each and every hour

From generation to generation, one genius mind above another

Will find again what went before it, the greatness of our Father!


Those who will come after us will know the wonder of His might

They will read about it in our works and so explore day and night

They will believe in what we believed, and adore His sovereignty

They will observe clearly and understand with great certainty,

O love, it cannot be because humanity has all the abilities within,

O grace, it’s because He has made all things for us to revel in!


The enemy of our souls at Calvary, the Savior he whipped

Not knowing in the Savior’s blood, all faults will be wiped

So severe the pain the devil thought would the Savior break

But little did he understand children of God would this make

O how precious this flood of the blood, salvation it permits,

O how powerful this fluid, sins it forgives, debts it remits!


It was November 15, 2016, early in the wee hours, came demons

My soul they squeezed, the night made sour as the drip of lemons

I asked God strength to supply, posture to grant, mind to restore

No sooner had I prayed this than my faculties the Lord did bestow

Then my voice returned to me by the power of the name of Jesus,

The messengers of Satan fled by the power of the blood of Jesus!


How shall I praise You, who has power over the power of Satan

How shall I worship You, who commands Nature itself to return

You, who calls the things which are not as if they actually are,

Who places seeing eyes in the middle of the galaxy’s giant star

The Lord God robust, immortal, eternal and full of saving grace,

How can I utter Your pure loves, O Lord, You alone shall I bless!


The evil forces appeared from all corners and angles surround

Their venom bristled my tender bones and sinews totally round

Then I talked to Satan, I said, “Leave me alone, I want to sleep,”

O Lord, these pleasures have all who believe in Calvary’s drip

For in the name of Jesus all knees will bow, tongues will confess

It’s an honor to enter Your sanctuary, there Your name to bless!


You are above all things, O Sovereign Lord, above all kings

You are Master of all Actions, O Mighty Warrior, King of kings,

You’re immortal, You’re perfect, Glorious Savior, so You are

The heavenly planet, galaxy, moon, sun and Venus the star,

All bow before You when You awake, all their crown they lay

You see men blossom, and quickly they go like broken clay!


Oh, how delighted am I to think of You, O loving Lord

How fulfilling to my whole being, being in Your loving fold

To learn to give sacrifices of praise each and every day,

To remain obedient to Your infallible Word all the way

My joy You complete, O praise is reason one I was born

Awesome God, my defences are gone, my pride is torn!


How shall I thank You, my extremely good Lord, just how?

When You cause to close a door, another is open right now

Even when a thought is formed on those who decide for me

Surely, you’ve studied all their plans, their secrets You see,

I have learned this because before one chance is vacated,

O Lord, to another and grandiose one You’ve me located!


I’ll advise the one who is passing through trouble God to trust

I’ll prepare to celebrate in the dark, for the Omnipotent is just

Before there is any sign of the rains, my seeds I will also plant

Before the bushes come teeming with game, even then I’ll hunt,

For God is the sustenance of my life, there’s nothing I shall want,

He makes my silos full, and the best of the earth He shall grant!


The Lord Eternal is the strength of my life, my glory and light

He trains me to balance truth with grace, He is my true delight

I will not fear death, it is a necessary rest He has for me made

I will awake in glory, to hilarious celebrations of the faithful led

In the dark I will see, in danger His presence will comfort me,

How blessed I am, how grateful this redemption without a plea!


I love You Lord, and I lift up my voice in honor of Your name

I am not ashamed of anything on earth, I have none to blame,

And this is what I will do when life overwhelms, “I will praise,”

I will kneel, I will bow, I will prostrate, and my hands I will raise

Then I shall sing, and listen carefully to the message of song,

For You, Lord, I will dance, I will worship, for, for You I long!


She walked, Cutra, my sweet cute little baby did walk this week

There was no struggle, no prior training, and it we did not seek

At fourteen months, the nature You put in her intricate design,

And the force that You lay in her body latent, simply did shine,

It reminded me of the bounty of all good things You do provide,

Thank you for these baby’s steps, which You do caringly guide!


There is an atmosphere that is hilariously lovely and humane

At Christmas, the pleasure You’ve put in humans is germane

The lights will line the streets, from sunset until the other day,

The music will calm all the rough edges, symphonies will play

Then families will gather round Christmas trees and open gifts

It is because of You, Sweet Jesus, thank you for all the thrifts!


My God is above all things, above all nature and all wonders

Even a child’s tiny mind is curious, and its little faculty ponders

It knows that beyond the far galaxy, and right here, God is,

It smiles to the wind, and to unseen forces it beckons at ease

I am totally flabbergasted, O Lord, I am amazed at Your power

I bless You for all excellences and intelligences You shower!


I will praise You, Most Immanent God, my praise I liberally bring

For You are Most Transcendent, O Lord, You are the only King

The majesty of Your throne, cannot compare to earthly palaces

No-one can approach Your glory unless You grant divine passes

I call on all creatures: Humans, animals and fowls and all insects,

All, O worship Him, lay down all your pride, your titles and sects!


You cannot compare, Jehovah God Lord Almighty, to anything

You know and possess, Mighty and Great Jehovah, everything

You fear, Everlasting Father Living Jehovah, none and nobody,

You were, are and will never be defeated, O LORD, by anybody,

There’s no intelligence that can fathom Your genesis, no, nothing,

You’re always creative, always loving, always up to something!


From creation, there has never been a day like it

When the LORD Jehovah, through His Holy Spirit

And from yonder, further than the Third Heaven

By Virgin Mary, the sounds of joy to humans given,

Oh, how holy the night, oh how divine the light

O glory, glorious shall You always be, ever bright!


There is no-one like You, glorious and wonderful,

No, no-one can compare to You, O Most Beautiful,

You are in all things, incomparable, Most Desirable

Among the gods, You’re matchless and dependable

The day You were born, is elegantly superlative, 

You have conquered all, majestic and exquisitive!


When I received the bad news of the death of a relation

I sat in quietness and contained my tears in deep reflection

I mourned for my sister who should go through this twice

Then I recalled, Christ predicted His death on cross thrice,

And all who are alive may put their trust in His salvation,

Halleluiah, death is defeated; it’s met its final deprivation!


My soul be quiet, because the LORD is still on the throne

The thorns that pricked His head turned into a golden crown

The blood that oozed out of his body became a living flood

And tear floods that His beloved shed, is the cleansing blood

To what can we compare the resurrected Lord, just to what?

He lives and reigns, praise to His never disappointing heart!


O Father, my dearest love, even today You’re utterly good

The snow that fell will beautify the land and purify the wood

The rains will pour and end with a lovely, beautiful rainbow

And the winds have made a pact, to sing and not to prowl

Your favor has made me free; Your kindness’ my daily gift,

O Father, praiseful words shall not end; they’ll crack a rift!


You have been to the weary and the forgotten, their fountain

To those in the dark, You shine the way to victory as a lantern

Help for the needy will certainly come from Your holy mountain

Love and goodness are eternally engraved into Your pattern

O Lord, You’re the joy of the living, and hope of the departed,

You’re the mender of awry minds, balm to the brokenhearted!


Blessed be today, when from You, Father, nice things are falling

Blessed still be tomorrow, Your voice, Daddy, will come calling

Blessed will be in the future, Abba, You will let Your founts pour

Blessed will be my heart in this, O love, I will not cease to adore

O blessed be God All-wise, for the glory of those who seek Him,

Bless the Holy Trinity; we have nothing in them but the cream!


My God and my everything, You have laid a table of new rewards

You have given me a place of influence, full of promising awards

I will sit in the council of those who make decisions of substance

I will ask for better benefits, You will be my present sustenance,

In Your mercies, O Lord God, from my youth I have forever relied,

I will sing Your praises going to the top, for to You I have allied!


The Lord is my loving God and my fortress, He is my stronghold

He is my deliverer; I will praise His name, His fame I will uphold

My trust I will not also put in mortal humans who cannot save.

When their spirit departs, they’re dead, and return to the grave

On that very day their plans come to nothing, they are forgotten

But my God lives forever, and eternal immortality He’s begotten!


Who is He who upholds the cause of the oppressed everywhere?

Who gives food to the hungry, and who provides plenty to share?

Who is He who sets prisoners free, and gives sight to the blind?

Who lifts up those who are bowed down, and is to all very kind?

It is the LORD God Almighty, the Maker of Heaven and the earth

It is the Lord who loves righteousness, prime defender of the faith!


O praise God, He heals the brokenhearted, their wounds He binds
O honor His name, He defeats Leviathan, its cycloid eye He blinds

O enlarge Him, for He is famous for His beauty and His great fame

He decides the number of the stars and calls them each by its name
O great is God and mighty in power; His understanding has no limit
The Lord sustains the humble but all wicked ways, He will vomit!


In my meditations, I considered and sank in the thoughts of my own

I reasoned, “God, why don’t lovely voices sing only for You alone?”

It broke my heart, O Lord, that the world’s best melodies are wasted

They are dedicated to mere mortals, who are doomed to be basted,

I made up my mind, that I will appreciate all nature’s beautiful things,

But only the Lord will I praise, for He is One, and He is King of kings!


Let me tell you what is wonderful and full of incredible mysteries

The wind simply blows; no-one knows where it lays its sanctuaries

The sand of the earth is in myriad, yet He knows each of its parts,

He dissects microscopic bowels, and He operates on their hearts,

No single heartbeat escapes Him; He counts each of our breath

Now, tell me, who likens to our God who made heaven and earth?


The LORD covers the sky with clouds; He supplies the earth with rain 

The LORD makes grass grow on the hills; He gives farmers the grain

The LORD provides food for the cattle, for young ravens when they call

The LORD forsakes not His creation; He picks up leaves when they fall

His pleasure isn’t in the strength of the warheads, or in war tanks above,

He delights in those who fear Him, who put their hope in His abiding love!


My soul rejoices, for God is the portion of my share, and of my cup, 

The LORD Jehovah also upholds my lot, when I fall, He picks me up

My lines have fallen in pleasant places; I do have a gorgeous legacy

I bless Jehovah God who has counseled me; He is my holy fantasy

For I have placed Jehovah before me continually, in Him I am safe,

The LORD God Jehovah is at my right hand, I shall not be unsafe!


I’ve no defence; I’ve not done any good, nor deserve I good

But You still give me breath, strength, pleasure and daily food

I fail many times over, and I still fail to do Your will constantly,

Yet, You correct me, and put me on the right path consistently,

What I am saying is this: “A God like You is the only sure deal,”

And one thing I will do, I will never stop praising You for real!


I will rise up very strong like an eagle with wind in its wings

I will resist the pang not to praise just to do all other things

I will instruct nature, I will say to mountains and all the trees,

“If you see humans lax in adoration of Jehovah for who He is,”

“Do it yourselves, rise and sing halleluiah, raise up your voice,”

For Jehovah is worthy, among other gods there is no choice!


I’ll seek God me to guide early, before day’s issues overwhelm

I’ll give my sacrifices of praise in the morning; I’ll rise to His realm

Therefore, when the problems surround me or take me hostage,

In Jehovah’s pavilion I will rest, under His wings I take my stage,

O Lord, who is like unto You, who defends those in deep trouble?

And is the source of all peace, the Holy One, lifter of the feeble!


When I am threatened by the many life pressures around about,

I take a journey, to the LORD Jehovah I run, His truth to find out

You, O Lord, You are the only one who conquers all my anxieties,

You keep me in peace and wash me from all my improprieties,

And life is worth living, because You align it with sparks of roses,

For those who worship Him, He loves, but all pride He opposes!


O, life is full of special things, all things around are simply lovely

As I meditate on all these, I am no longer bored, no longer lonely,

The sun shines to brighten the day, and to close off the night,

The moon provides comfort, and gives sleep its calmly right,

The stars sparkle the firmament, in numbers they are in myriad,

O Lord, You are well-known to all creation, You require no ad!


O Lord, I do not need to test You, I know You keep Your word

You will honor faith, and You will raise up those who are dead,

My soul is joyous now, because there is monetary news ahead,

I know this for my heart informs me, faith’s voice I have heard,

O Lord, this pleasure only those who believe in You do have,

And because You’ve given faith, be elevated far and far above!


My Father, the resident of Heaven and also landlord of the Earth

How You have hidden all mysteries, and yet all revealed in faith

I place You above all things that have names, and those without,

And Your praises are sung out loud, even when there is no shout,

You are so great, that a second old new baby knows that too well,

You can be so tiny that a second’s ounce before death, You’ll tell!


I worship an amazing God, who sees all my every needs

I praise an incredible God, who all my prayers He heeds

The Lord, steadfast in action, prompt when He is called

The Lord, He has heard my prayer, my wish He’ll uphold

O Lord, aren’t You the God who answers in our urgency

O Great Benefactor, aren’t You there in dire emergency?


By His own power, the Lord has enlarged my portion

By His love, He put the fountains of wealth into motion

I’ve trusted in the mercies of the Lord Most Sovereign

I have not lost faith; His answers to me aren’t foreign,

Even now I ask, “Lord provide this much by tomorrow,”

O, thank you Almighty God, for I’ll not have to borrow!


O, thank you, Lord, because You’ve sent the money

And thank you, my God, to me it’s sweeter than honey

But thank you still, when in mysterious ways it will be,

And thank you most sincerely, before I look I will see

Oh Lord, You’re Jehovah Jireh, the Lord my provider

Oh Lord, I am grateful, in bounty You’re my divider!


I went with my family to a Christmas Fun-Fair at Woodbine

It was the first time Cutra and I rode into many a show-fine

Then I remembered how, Father, it must please You to see,

How that us earthly parents can for our children there be,

But You are more than a parent, You are a caring Father,

May my days be spent caring for those for me You gather!


In one day, I was inundated by numerous work schedules

At my college, I was required to review several modules,

I rarely had time to sit and write down my daily adorations,

It pained me, my Holy Darling, it brought me frustrations,

Then within this chaotic agenda, I sneaked into my heart,

How relieved I was, when You and I were no longer apart!


I entertained an egregious thought about Your parenthood

O, Lord, I almost sinned by not questioning, when I should,

Your Word warrants us to, “Come, let us reason together,”

And this gesture I find wonderful and gracious altogether,

You have a plan, O Lord; You suffer long with the outlaws,

O my God, Your love and fatherly patience, I do applause!


I’ve been in many dire situations and I didn’t do very well,

I have been at the very end of myself, and I did terribly fail

I’ve made several bad decisions, and many terrible choices

I’ve followed others blindly, and regarded many bad voices

But I’m amazed I am still standing, Your love is miraculous,

You’re my attorney for life, Your tender heart is marvelous!


He reaches into deepest pit, and stoops down me to get

He travels far and wide, and comes back, me not to forget

You, O Lord, are very strong, in Your presence I am bubbly

You, O Lord, are the song in my night, which is very lovely

You are master of all my deadlines, all my needs You meet

I bring me praises from my heart, and bow me at Your feet!


My dear friend gets up every day to collect 20 mangoes

He looks everywhere Your good to behold from all angles

He thanks You for the birds, maggots, snakes, cattle, insects

He is on his knees to adore You for all the imbibes he injects

He won’t ignore the opulence of forests and the green of flora,

You are immaculate in Your kindness, loving in all Your aura!


It’s a province so blessed it prides in, “Yours to discover!”

And driving in its kempt highways, all memories do recover,

The real vibe is here as drivers dare each other with speed

O Lord, You also made Ontario, gracefully and without greed

I have been to its North, South, East and the very far West,

Each gear I change, O God, it’s attestation to Your very best!


Mine brown eyes attended Thee a feast, to sing color’s mystery

All blue songs, have I gladly composed for mine purple hymnary

I seeth red and pink flowers, brightening the ever-green environs

And orange and white sounds into mine soul ringeth deific sirens

Thou hast decked black as a center guard in gowns of pure gold,

These all, reveal Thy mind’s splendor, O how colorful to behold!


You have put everything in nature under Your control

In the azure moments of divine time You do them patrol

Not a thought on humanity’s deepest and secretive mind

Not a syllable before a word is formed, You will not find

How great You must be, how powerful in all of conception

You can do anything, none dares to bring any interception!


I have a witness in my heart that God will perfect His rule

I will not despair, for though He may delay, His Word is true,

The LORD is a Man of War, in His arm I completely trust

He will fulfill my earnest expectations, even at the very last

Oh, rise up, O Mighty Warrior, let all Your enemies scatter

Your Eternal Word will stand, it will happen what You utter!


It is end of 2016, and I pause, wonderful things You’ve done

Neither for me nor another but for You, triumphs You’ve won

O Lord, You’ve delivered me from the public appraisal of men

And the wonder of Your praise, with deep pleasure I did learn

You, and only You alone do matter, no human tricks will count

Surely, in 2017 Your grace I’ll enjoy, Your glory, I will recount! 


O Lord, I know what You are doing in my career

You are removing all impediments and every barrier

You have positioned me to excel and to lead the best

You have done this even when I am at my very worst

Every time You life me up, O Lord, deeper will I grow

Each time You raise my portion, on my knees I’ll fall


There is no God besides You, O holy and righteous

There is no-one who comes an inch of You, O virtuous

You’re Sovereign, You made both good and bad things

You raise one and immediately break down all kings

Even darkness is Your servant, O Lord Most Exhorted

All Your foes are devices of Your glory, Most Venerated!


I live, I am alive so as to see my Lord Jesus, exalted

I follow His footsteps and pray to see holiness, promoted

I brag of His grace, praise His name, to see His glory, shine

I love His Word, embrace His will, and own Him, as mine

I fall on my knees, lay there prostate, to hold His fame, firm

I honor Him, think about Him, and magnify only, His name!


You are the Spirit from which all our souls are affixed

To You, our destiny and fate are intertwined and fixed

When conscience beckons, it is our true nature calling

I’ll follow Your lead, on my knees I won’t hesitate falling

For You’re the Greatest Spirit, Jehovah who is there

O Lord Everlasting, every and any place, You’re here!


My heart was troubled as I contemplated a student’s betrayal

All because I did not allow her to bend or break rules’ denial

O Lord, I have done nothing but good to this student’s cause

But all she brings is malice, falsehood and even mental blows

Yet, I pray for her success, may all her plans get only better

For You, O Lord, shows us mercy when we deserve fetter!


There is no human being who will not need You, O God

Though in good health and enjoying all wealth and gold

Yet, there comes a time when all people’s ingenuity fails,

When even the best of mankind pleats and strength wails

But You remain ever steadfast, unmatched and immovable 

You’re good forever, Your providence is indelibly provable!


I love You, Lord my God, my hope and my confidence

My last resort, to Whom I run to seek secure audience

When I am overly overwhelmed by life’s severest storms

To You I report, and in time my strength swiftly blossoms

You will lead me into financial victory in just two days

O, how powerful Your commands, You’re just in all ways!


To Your kindness, I woke up this morning, to glorious sun

Though it was so cold outside, inside the car it was all fun

To the promise of a clear and God-given, gorgeous day

For sure, O Lord, You have gone before me on my way

I do sense the trees stretching up from a restful slumber

And builders whistling wisely, for You’ve provided lumber!


There is a place where we all can no longer pretend

A time when all that is untrue comes to their own end

Then all things become as clear as a white snowy day

All You have given us soon we shall all have to repay

Your steadfast love, O Lord, will never ever be ceased

And Your sympathies will each morning not be eased!


You will defend me speedily from my accusers

You, O Lord, are aware of my stand against abusers

That I have not repaid evil for evil against the haters

But with words of grace I have rebuked soul-getters

For You, O Lord, do satisfy the earth with justice

Glory is all Yours, from the Throne of Holy Armistice!


O Lord, I am heartbroken, I am dispirited deep within

In the night, I agonize as bitter thoughts do take in

My prayer go to the one who seek to destroy me

I want, O Lord, Your great kindness upon her to see

You are merciful, You do not treat us as we deserve

The souls of the disobedience You also do preserve!


O my Lord, my God and my perfect redeemer, be called

Be summonsed upon the high blowing sea, O be bold

My offenders have fallen, and all their plans are thwarted

You will turn their threats into blessings, all ploys halted

And I will perpetually worship before Your glorious throne

I’ll give You lasting praise for wonders You have shown!


I am delighted in You, O Jehovah, my dearest lover

From all my enemies, You have given me safe cover

By the end of tomorrow, my foes will be apologizing

They will not sleep well, all night they’ll be agonizing

For You, O LORD God, will sternly rebuke their plot

As for me, I’ll be praising You, I’ll dance in Your court!


O Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, I love You so much

The pleasure to be Your son, there is no other catch

The peace of burdens drowned, and of hopes raised,

And the experience of seeing fears completely erased

What more can I seek out from You, other than You?

Who else deserves my purest worship, but only You?


O Lord, Most Gracious, lest it be said, “We did it”

Oh no, it is not because of us, it’s all by Your Spirit

For no person, can do anything unless You do allow it

No work of genius was ever done without Your permit

And I dearly thank You, Lord, in You I gladly boast

I will forever praise Your power, at what or any cost!


My Lord, everything I have ever achieved is by You

On my own, I can’t, that’s the thing that is very true

You give me great wisdom, generous ideas to find

You provide strength, and sharpen my acute mind

So that it is not of human but it’s of divine approval

O glory, to the author of all things, I exclaim, “Bravo!”


O Lord my dearest One, on these Ides of March

It is Thee that I seek, in me Thy love to hatch

One thing which I dearly want of only Thee

To be a love dispenser, conduit this to my plea

O, let these mine faculties Thy glories doth excel

That in actions or words, Thy praise doeth prevail!


You give me every little and major thing that I need

You listen to me when I call, my request You heed

I sometimes take for granted the benefits I enjoy

You heal my body, save my soul, and provide joy

For my being’s details, You’ve answered all my why

O Lord, I will praise You always, till the day I die!


O praise, praise the Lord my soul, heart and mind

O praise Him, with words, in deeds and in kind

I will praise Your name as long as I continue to live

All that is good in me, even what’s flawed, You I give

For You are the object of my every sensibility

To live to praise You, O Lord, is my responsibility!


It is not because I take care of myself very well

It is not because I have a job or my plans didn’t fail

It is not because I have a career or have great abilities

It is not because I think well or have great mental agilities

No, none of that, it’s because You are my faithful keeper

Because You’re good, and Your great love runs deeper!


Since the day, I opened my eyes on this earth

And when it was said, “It’s a boy,” at my birth

Since when I knew not who I was, I was a child

And even when I began to be aware, and to abide

You have been my anchor, holding me at life’s sea

You, O Lord, and only You, my strength You’ll be!


The morning declares Your kindness, O Lord

Your continued goodness enables the day to unfold

In the evening, Your faithfulness shows in sunset

And Your tender love guards our night, soul to reset

I will praise You now and always while I have breath

I will live to honor Your greatness, even to my death!


Though there is no money in my bank account

Though I have no change or lack liquid amount

Yet, I will feel like I own all riches and wealth

I’m exceedingly glad You keep me in great health

You have been good, always, my all You own

Your love always wins, mercies You’ve shown!


I love You, Father, and I don’t have a reason

Just loving You, O Lord, in and out of season

My life is not mine, am nothing without You

Each day I owe You praise, which is my due

If I should fail to worship, Nature will spite me

And a cast away among Your creation I will be!


I have absorbed myself of my own and dear heart

I have engaged my mind in a genuine lifetime chat

I have again and again come to the same conclusion

That man’s own intrigues are nothing but a delusion

That a man, apart from God, is only but a performer

My God is the real thing, the Almighty Redeemer!


Oh, that people should stop all these shenanigans

To hide in drinks, drugs, carnality, violence and guns

That sons and daughters can come to true knowledge

Whether at church, club, university of even college,

That only He deserves praise, glory, honor and power

Only God is truly worthy, that Great, Ancient Flower!


You walked as I walk, O Everlasting God, O Jesus

You talked like I talk, O how sweet this to all of us

You were tempted just like we are, yet without sin

You faced all trials as I do, yet without cowering in

You are the only one I can praise, my Lord and God

You are holy, set apart, incomparable, Lord of Old!


I have vowed not to hid my affection for You, Jesus

I’ve informed myself of what matters, is really Jesus

For You never changes, You remain the same, Jesus

Your words are as credible as Your actions, O Jesus

I can’t pretend anymore; I’ve found rare gem in Jesus

In You, I’ve no boring moment, no regrets, O Jesus!


I was restless, always worried, and very traumatized

I was tortured, always wondering and very surprised

O God, my soul taunted me, my thoughts haunted me

Then like from a dream I awoke and clearly now I see

That I am just a small part of Your Grand Master Plan

I can’t be without You, but You can be all without man!

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